How Do Ouija Boards Really Work?

Have you ever wanted to talk to spirits of any kind? It could be that of a family member or that of a famous person! I find it pretty fascinating and some say this is even possible with ouija boards and others just mock at it showcasing their skepticism. So how can you do it? Check it out!

What is an ouija board?

Ouija board is a board with letters, numbers, a movable point which is heart-shaped in wood or plastic, participants put their fingers on the planchette and then it is moved around the board to invoke spirits of dead people. This planchette is moved to spell out words using the letters on the board. Sounds eerie, doesn’t it?

You have probably heard of these from your friends or seen online, doesn’t it sound exciting to be able to communicate with dead ones?
Yes, absolutely. So, friends or participants, sit around the board with their fingers touching a glass. And as you ask questions, the glass or planchette moves around the board spelling out words in response. It is necessary to stay comfortable while conducting it, because although your one hand is touching it your whole body moves with the pointer, though it’s slow.

ouija board instructions
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How’s that feel? The glass moving around on its own when you’re sure that none of your friends are moving it. So who was it? A ghost? Try it and expect a response from the talking board.

Hope or hoax?

Some say that Ouija boards are fake and there is no such thing as spirits as they don’t even sound believable. There are chances that you might have moved the glass unconsciously. Your muscles are moving so minutely, you don’t even seem to realize it but the pointer is going crazy! But how come you just moved a glass over the board and spell something and not know how? Sometimes psychics know their ways to make people believe in a spiritual presence in the room they are conducting this activity.

Ouija boards are completely bunk and made up. And it is not as scary as it used to be after you watch “The Exorcist”. Ouija board is meant to be a game and the packaging never says that it will provoke any sort of spirit. But they have been used before in seance to communicate with their dead relatives. And the mediums are said to be typically females. They pointed to different letters and waited for a response from the great beyond.

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There are museums dedicated to talking boards showing the history of the Ouija board, but these museums are mainly historical and people these days don’t seem to believe in ghosts or anything, in today’s generation ghosts are a form of entertainment. Instruction is all the same in all kinds of boards throughout history. There is no joking around in this activity, and if you can successfully talk to spirits, congratulations! My opinion? I’m skeptical about it so I could be the one moving the planchette around if you do this with me!

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