• Healthy Juices

    10 Healthy Juices To Add To Your Diet

    Juices are an easy way of ensuring that you don’t miss out on your daily dose of fruits and veggies, which you otherwise may not get time to have. Juicing separates the liquid from the solid part of the vegetable, which includes the fibers and seeds. It is an easy process, and all you need is a juicer and fruits…

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  • Benefits of Tea

    10 Exclusive Benefits of Tea

    The benefits of tea are those real benefits that work towards healing the body and improving health. There are numerous types of teas you can find in different parts of the world. Scientifically, tea contains antioxidants that protect the body from pollution. Tea has been proved to be the drink that freshens up the mind and charges a person with…

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  • Health Benefits of consuming Jaggery

    10 Health Benefits of Consuming Jaggery

    Being bundled up under a mountain of blankets sounds as cozy as it can get. But during winters, blankets cannot shield us from health problems. A hot cup of tea can help in some ways, but when it comes to versatility, there is one superfood that takes the cake. Jaggery, the golden cube of sugary goodness that pleases your taste…

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  • Easy Baileys Cocktail Recipes

    10 Easy Baileys Cocktail Recipes

    Baileys is the best-known Irish cream liqueur on the market. There are assorted recipes for mixing the beverages with fruits coffee chocolate mint flavors etc. With a bottle of Baileys, your drink is 100% going to be delicious. 10 Easy Baileys Cocktail Recipes 1. Baileys Irish Ice It was created by Tom Jago and is currently owned by Diageo and…

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  • Local Street Foods To Try In Kolkata

    27 Local Street Foods To Try In Kolkata

    The incredible street food in Kolkata is a must-try during your trip there. For all food lovers, Kolkata, which is referred to as India’s cultural capital, is a paradise. There are numerous options available in this location for everyone. The location is the ideal vacation spot for foodies, whether they enjoy the well-known Bengali sweets or the spicy, mouth-wateringly delicious…

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