Why Take PMP Exam?

Many training institutions emphasize the value and development potential of PMP certification. Then, what benefits on earth the certification can bring to PMP exam candidates and certificate holders? Here, we talk about the PMP certification benefits from the perspectives of personal knowledge and abilities. 

The major advantages of learning SPOTO PMP exam content are as follows:

1.Sort out Individual Knowledge Structure Based on the Combination of Theory and Practice Learning

A project, be it large or small, involves several stages like initial, development, test and so on. As a project manager, we will encounter all sorts of problems while conducting a project. For instance, we need to know how to assign specific project tasks. We need to communicate with other departments, ask for the resource support and ask for the support from leaders and colleagues. If some changes happening to the project or things cannot be settled on time, you have to consider how to solve these problems. There are many uncertainties that we need to take into account ahead of time. Before learning PMP, though we can also manage a project and propel the progress in a normal way, we feel stressful and worried about that some unexpected things may happen. When meeting with several problems, we are capable to solve. However, it is hard for us to handle assorted problems at one time. Even after the project is finished, we do not know how to describe or conclude the problems we meet with.

If we learn PMP certificate content, we can apply the knowledge system and methods into the real project management work to reduce project management cost and to promote a project more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, we can integrate the theoretical knowledge with the actual work condition after finishing a project. We can sort out to form our own theory systems. The project managers equipped with PMP certifications and with are just like professionally trained swimmers and those who cannot swim. This is the PMP certification value. 

2.Build up a Professional Image. 

When we are communicating the project management experience with our colleagues, we will give many unnecessary details if we do not learning PMP. But if we are equipped with PMP certificates, we will be more confident and professional. We can use the professional terms learned from PMP knowledge system and methodologies. Meanwhile, it is easier for us to acquire the approval and trust from co-workers. As an A party or B party, we can negotiate in PMP language and have a thorough understanding and consideration of question analysis and solutions. We can better understand each other’s intents and thoughts.

3.Better Job Shift and More Opportunities. 

Many employees responsible for technical development or tests for a few years want to shift their positions to project management. There are several approaches. One is to shift the position within the company. Others include looking for a new job in other enterprises by taking interviews or recommended by friends or classmates. If you can get shifted or promoted in the same company, it can prove that employers and colleagues approve and recognize your work and believe you have the ability of project management. How to show your ability of project management? You need to build up your own project management knowledge system. Learning PMP can meet your need. You can show your expertise and get more opportunities of promotion. If you take interviews in other companies, with PMI PMP certification, you can use professional terms and get more recognition.

4.Opportunities to Get Priority

While tendering and bidding, if you have PMP certificate, you will have the right of priority or extra points. I was told by one of my classmates. He said that they got 2 extra points because the project leader was equipped with PMP certification when they were submitting their tenders.

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