15 Children’s Books to De-Clutter Your Mind

 Have you ever seen a child brooding excessively?  Have you seen them stressed?

Yes, I hear you. You all are absolutely right. Likely, a child spends little time bothering over any ongoing thing. Only adults clutter their heads. And to lead a happy, de-stressed life, this needs to be remedied.

Reading has always helped people solve their problems. There are so many books out there and readers may be confused by all the choices. Here, your friend comes to the rescue!

For this round, I recommend children’s books: to solve the problem at hand, we must acquire a child’s mindset, their way of thinking, and their likings. Without any further adieu, let’s jump right into the book recommendations!

15 Children’s Books to De-Clutter Your Mind

1. Alice in Wonderland

Doesn’t it sound tempting to travel to a wonderland at this point in time? Traveling to a place where everything is magical, where every animals can understand human beings, where only nonsensical things happen – wouldn’t that be amazing? “Alice in Wonderland” follows a girl named Alice who is fascinated by the idea of talking animals. She becomes eager to explore their world when she witnesses a talking rabbit nervously watching its watch. In following this rabbit, she ends up in a completely unknown, weird world. To know what’s happens to our little Alice in the end, you have to read further.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Is there anybody who doesn’t like chocolate? I think not. How wonderful it would be to visit a chocolate factory, to wander through aisle of chocolates, to smell the rich scent? Our boy Charlie is given this golden opportunity. He, who craves chocolate but can’t eat any due to his family’s impoverished state, at last gets this golden chance to visit Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory. To know what happens inside, enter the pages of this book.

3. Arabian Nights

Imagine the chance to read stories of one thousand and one nights? “Arabian Nights” is a collection of short stories where every night, Queen Scheherazade tells one story to King Shahryar, and keeps the story incomplete for the next day. This prevents the king from killing her as he is curious to know what happens next in the story. And if you’re like the king, grab the book yourself!

 4. The Chronicles of Narnia

Would you like to enter the magical world of Narnia? Would you like to make friends with mythical beasts and talking animals? If yes, step into a creaky cupboard, on and start your journey with the other children who are going to be magically transported to the fantasy world of Narnia.

5. Little Prince

This book is one of the best books in this list. As little children teach us life-changing things in the simplest ways, this book will also make you rich with its simple words. This is a story of a little prince who visits many planets and shares his thoughts about love, friendship, loss and many other human values. To understand human nature through a child’s perspective, you need to read this book.

6. Matilda

I bet that you have never met a girl as intelligent at Matalida. At an age of three and four months, she can read and understand classics like “Great Expectations” and “Jane Eyre”. That’s not all that makes her special: if I add ‘telekinesis’ to the list, how fascinating would it be? If you want to know what she does with her superpower, you must read her story.

7. Winnie the Pooh

Who doesn’t remember Pooh, the bear and his friends Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo and Tigger? There was a time when they conquered the TV screen and every child’s heart as well. Isn’t it beautiful to cherish this beautiful memory from our childhoods? What’re you waiting for? Just grab the book, and start reading.

8. The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit represents all of us from our childhood days. He is a naughty little rabbit who like every child does the very thing he is prohibited from doing: entering Mr. McGregor’s garden. If you are eager to know the consequences, you should read the book.  

9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Do you want to peep inside someone’s secret diary? Like me, are you possessed by this kind of mischievous curiosity? Then you have to read the secret diary of Greg Heffley.

10. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Did you love to learn from illustrated books as a child? This books tells the story of caterpillars life cycle, and its transformation into a beautiful butterfly, in the tastiest way possible. You will see the hungry caterpillar eating loads of foods like apples, strawberries, chocolate cake, ice-cream, Swiss cheese, and more. To follow its journey, you must read this book.

11. The Jungle Book

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Mowgli and the Mowgli-Baloo-Bagheera trio? I know you all must have read the book or at least seen the film. But isn’t it tempting to revisit Mowgli’s world, to witness his courage when he fights Shere-khan?

12. Harry Potter series

The Golden Trio is everyone’s favorite. If I start talking about this series, it’ll be hard to stop me. So urge you all to curl up in a cozy spot, lights dim, and a cup of tea or ‘butter beer’ (if you know you know) in your hand, and start reading about the amazing friendships of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Dobby and Hagrid; Harry’s courageous fight with the world’s famous villain Voldemort and much more. This book will surely make you believe that good/light will always win over bad/darkness.

Short Stories:

13. Pandora’s Box

Pandora is a young girl who receives a box as a present by the king of the Gods. The strange part: she has been told not to never open the box. As we all know, kids are curious creatures. And so, Pandora opens the box. What happens after is a secret. Read further into the novel to uncover it.

14. The Cherry Tree

Are you a mountain person? Do you love to be among the hills? Then this story by Ruskin Bond is a perfect read for you. Rakesh lives with his grandfather in Mussoorie. When he is returning from school he buys some cherries to eat, and then some to his grandfather, who advises him to plant one seed. To know whether the tree grows or not you have to give this story a try.

15. Malgudi Days

This is a short story collection by R.K. Narayan, about an imaginary town called Malgudi. To know what the people of this town get up to, pick this book up immediately.

 I can promise that all these books will relax you. Although the protagonists in these novels have problems, it’s important to let the child within you enjoy these stories. As Rhonda Byrne says in “The Secret” : “One will attract what he/she feels be it worries or good things, let us attract good and positive things towards our lives.” I hope whoever picks these books will feel the same nostalgia I did while writing this list. Happy reading!

Darsh Patel

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