Create Amazing Songs With the Power of AI

You wouldn’t believe this music was created with AI. It has all the texture and depth of human made music but it was made in a matter of seconds depending on your internet speed. This is all done on Suno. You can log in using your social account such as discord, gmail or outlook. Once you log in, click on ‘Create’. Click on the ‘Custom Mode’ toggle for more options.

Here you can create your own song lyrics. Do you have a poem that you always wished to set to music? Perhaps you have some old poems from school or from your youth that you always wanted hear sung with a band. Now is your chance! Grab that poem or just write a line or two and you can ask ai to come up with it’s own lyrics using your words as a starting point. Under the ‘Lyrics’ title in the box, you can enter your own lyrics to make it truly your own, enter a line or two to get the ai going or your can simply press ‘Make Random Lyrics’ if you want something completely ai generated.

You can then set the toggle to ‘Instrumental’ if you just want the music with no lyrics.

Then you can enter the ‘Style of Music’. This can be either sad, pop, soul, rap, folk or any style you can think of. You can even have multiple styles however I would stick to one before trying multiple styles at once. You can even choose bollywood or something very specific.

Then, finally, give your new song a title in the ‘Title’ box and press the ‘Create’ button. Then voilà you’ve created your first ai generated song! Congratulations! You can create a few versions of your new song and once you’re happy with your creation, you can toggle the song to be viewed ‘Public’ and then share your song’s link with everyone your know with the ‘Copy Song Link’ arrow icon. They’ll think you’re a musical genius if they don’t realise how easily your created your musical masterpiece.

Here is the procaffenation.com song for your enjoyment. Please put your own ai created song links in the comments, we can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Just remember the free version can only create 10 songs after that you will need to get a subscription starting at $8/month.

Coffee Glow


Coffee it wakes me up

Gets me moving on the go

Sipping on that morning cup

Gives me that little glow

[Verse 2]

Every single morning light

I need that caffeinated start

Sunshine feelin’ oh so bright

Coffee jumpstarts my heart


Coffee makes me feel alive

It makes me shine it’s no jive

Gimme a cup to survive

Helps me through the nine-to-five

[Verse 3]

From the first sip to the end

Coffee it’s my loyal friend

Every drop I’ve come to depend

For the day I have to spend


Coffee makes me feel alive

It makes me shine it’s no jive

Gimme a cup to survive

Helps me through the nine-to-five


Ohh coffee I’m so hooked

On the magic that you bring

From the moment I first looked

At your liquid glistening

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