The reason why the Swastik Symbol On Your Palm Holds Great Importance

Palmistry is an ancient method to predict one’s future. This practice has been carried out even in today’s modern world. Some people believe in everything that the tiny lines on their palm indicate, while there is a section of people who find this completely useless and time-wasting. And there is a segment of people who neither believe in palmistry nor do they disbelieve in it, they just find it fun to see what their lines are hiding behind!

There are not just lines, but even specific marks and symbols which are present on our palms. These marks and symbols denote something related to our personality and future. One such rare mark on the palm is the mark of ‘Swastik’.

The Swastik symbol holds great importance in Hindu tradition. Swastik means a lucky charm, often it is used as a symbol of well-being. Since the Swastik symbol itself means ‘good luck’, people having this on their palm are extremely fortunate.

The reason why the Swastik Symbol On Your Palm Holds Great Importance

1. Wealth

No matter where the mark of Swastik is present on one’s palm, it is believed that a person with this symbol on his palm is fated to be wealthy. Even in a condition of economic crisis, the person will still end up being rich.

2. Fortune

Not just a person with a Swastik symbol on his palm leads a wealthy life, luck will always stick to his side. He will accomplish all four objectives of human life, which according to Hinduism are: ‘Dharma’ which means righteousness, ‘Artha’ stands for prosperity, ‘Kama’; which means pleasure, and the most important ‘Moksha’, which means liberation.

3. Swastik on the ‘Line of Fate’

A person having Swastik on his fate line is said to be extremely talented. He possesses the quality of a genius.

4. A rising Guru Parvat and Swastik

A person who has rising Guru Parvat and Swastik is the star of his family. He brings fame to his family and makes them proud. Apart from this, ‘Guru Parvat’ & ‘Swastik’ ensure a good life for the person. He is fortunate enough to be in touch with Noble people, from where he gets to learn many things.

Whether you believe it or not, you can check your palm right away and see whether fortune is by your side!

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Deepika Rao


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  1. I’m Charles from Myanmar(Burma) who’s had Swastika Cross on my Both Palms.I’m still wondering Why I’m not wealthy enough yet and struggling my whole life with that Swastika Cross on my Hands etc.Please do conact me that I can show my Both Palms. Thanking you and hoping to hear from you soon, Sir.
    Best regards,
    Charles Thankyawnaing

  2. I have swastik mark on my right palm on luck line ..but nit at all wealthy…but my family is struggling ….

  3. I have swastik in my both hands . I am not wealthy but also I am not poor . I am satisfied what I have. My wealth is the blessings and teachings which ever my guru and parents given to me . And I also think if wealth come to me I will definitely use it for social cause and of course for world tour…

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