We all love going back to the good old days, isn’t it? Rewinding The Historical Times does exactly this – It takes you on a journey to the days gone by. History

  • Victorian Trends that You must know About

    20 Victorian Trends that You must know About

    The Victorian era is named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This era lasted roughly from 1820 to 1914. However, living in this era wasn’t a piece of cake. Many new inventions took place, things changed substantially, and progress took place. But all these weren’t affordable to all. The ones who could afford it…

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  • Dragons around the World

    Dragons around the World: From Terrifying Beasts to Wise and God-Like Beings

    All cultures from around the world created their own mythologies and religions to make sense of the parts of the world that they couldn’t fully explain or comprehend and to pass down important lessons. In each civilization, there would be tales of heroes of local heritage taking on the scariest parts of life. This would often lead to the invention…

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  • rastafarianism

    Rastafarianism: A Little-known Religious Movement Of Jamaicans

    Do you know ever wonder how many religions there are in this world? Let me answer this for you – there are 4300 religions worldwide. I’m sure many of us might not even be aware of more than 10-15 religions. The number of cultural beliefs increases based on the number of religions because every religion has one or more beliefs or ideas…

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  • galdrabok

    Galdrabok: The Legendary Book Of Black Magic

    You must have once wished to perform a magic spell when you were a kid. All those magical movies like Harry Potter, Witches, and Hocus Pocus make us want to skip reality and be in this adventurous and magical world of spells. Many of you also wish to have a magic grimoire like those shown in movies to perform magic…

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  • Delos

    Delos Island With Rise And Fall Of Wealth And Habitations.

    Delos (Δήλος) is a small rocky island in the centre of the Aegean Sea, about 1.3 square miles (3.4 square km) which are uninhabited now. It is important as a mythological, historical and archaeological site of Greece. The island lies to the west and in between Rinía (Rhenea) or Megáli Dhílos (Greater Delos) with Mýkonos Island to its east. It’s…

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