15 Animals That Are Shy

We are honored with a planet with many facilities and diverse organisms. From the ones that are unlikely to be seen with the naked eye, to the ones that are too dangerous to get close to. Also, some of these organisms behave normally on seeing each other but several other animals are too shy to face any other living being like introverted humans. These animals can be cute, little, frightened, and dangerous at the same time!

15 Animals That Are Shy

1. Meerkats

These little creatures roam together in a group, and the chances of meeting one of them separately are very low. On encounter, the individual either calls for help or rushes to safety. They are shy to roam alone, travel in a group to gather food, and watch out for predators.

2. Rabbits

It is obvious why this animal is included in the list. They start to swiftly jump to safety like in the bushes, as soon as they hear a loud noise or movement. That is why they are also considered naturally shy animals.

3. Giraffes

Giraffes get scared easily, especially during the nighttime. If they are placed in a different location like a wildlife sanctuary, they take enough time to adjust to the new surroundings. This tall mammal enjoys its own company along with its family and doesn’t like external interference.

4. Turtles

Another animal that falls under the naturally shy species. We all know how this creature tucks its limbs and head inside its hard, protective shell. It is done to remain safe from danger or threat in the environment.

5. Squirrels

These little, quick-to-react, cute animals flee when they see other animals that can be a threat to them. It is worth watching how fast they climb up the trees, and the pillars to rush out of the danger.

6. Sloths

Sloths, especially the male ones, don’t like to get accompanied by someone else. They remain lazy and inactive most of the time, except at night. They prefer to live alone and in some cases, they are seen to reject accompaniment by their family members.

7. Deers

They are in a category of prey and hence, are shy. They have the immense power to run swiftly at the time of danger. Seeing a regular human at a close range scares them as well. So, they too prefer to live in their group without any external interference.

8. Porcupines

These solitary animals are shy, but they use their defence system on the intruder instead of running away. On sensing a threat, they raise their sharp and pin-pointed quills and make noises to warn the source of interference. If not stepped back, they swing their tails to attack.

9. Zebras

Zebras are shy and nervous animals as they are usually found in the environment where a lot of predators live. But in certain cases, they are seen to fight back with their hind legs as well. They live in herds and mostly flee at the time of danger.

10. Pangolins

The only mammal with scales on its body rolls itself into a ball to protect itself. These scales act as a hard shield on the outer side of this ball. Thus, the predator finds it hard to attack and the pangolin stays safe. But sadly, these animals are near to extinction because they are hunted for these scales.

11. Dogs And Cats

Dogs and cats who are ill-treated by their owners, or if they are attacked by other animals at the time of them being puppies can be the reason for them to be shy. Hence, some street and pet animals are shy due to the circumstances.

12. Leopards

Predators too can be shy. One such shy predator is the leopard. They, specifically males, like to live in solitary. That is why they are more often seen on high trees and that too alone. At the same time, they are cunning and dangerous enough to kill any other organism.

13. Giant Pandas

One of the shyest animals prefers to live deep inside the jungles and thus, is hard to see in a dense forest. They limit their areas to such a small extent as they don’t like to interact with others. These solitary animals live happily to eat bamboo in their limited space.

14. Snakes

Many of us misunderstand this creature as an extrovert who keeps on roaming to and fro to bite others and get some food. But what we should know is that snakes crawl out of their holes only when they need food. If someone gets too close even unintentionally, they bite in self-defence out of fear of being attacked.

15. Tapirs

The extremely shy animal or the Tapir, responds according to the level of fear it feels. It either runs away or attacks with its powerful weaponry jaws. But they are herbivorous animals, and hence are not predators.


A predator or prey, ignoring the type, we must know that any animal or creature can be shy. It depends on the kind of environment it lives in. The ones who develop a habit of living in an isolated area are more likely to be shy, than the exposed ones.

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