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Welcome To Procaffenation– A Venture Created By A Group Of Ordinary People, Providing Some Extra-Ordinary Things, Right At Your Fingertips.

Whether it is a New Exercise To Shape You Up this season, or a New Fruit discovered to Keep you Fit, From On Point Suggestions to your Injuries, Too Strange Yet Useful Measures Of Prevention, Our Health Care Team Makes Sure our readers are never disappointed!

From Discoveries Made In the 12th Century To the Future we are living in, Our FactDay team clicks the perfect button, to Re-Wind the history worth being recalled.

From “Who Came First? The Egg or the Hen?” to “Astonishing Facts around the Globe”, our HackDay Team Knows how to delight and surprise our readers. From Health Care To History To Fashion To Facts, We Got You Covered! Go Ahead and Try Procaffenation, We are just a click away. Happy Reading to all

Procaffenation was founded by Darsh Patel, it was recently acquired by Sophie who is now CEO and Chief Editor.

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