Who was the First Ghost to be discovered?

We’ve all grown up listening to stories about ghosts and spirits who return from the dead and other worlds. Also, some of us have encountered ghosts in real life too. But have you ever wondered who the first ghost to be discovered was? Here you will get answers to all these questions.

        What is a ghost?

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The ancient concept of a ghost is based on the idea that after death, a person’s spirit remains and continues to wander.

Earliest Ghost sightings

Pliny the Younger was a Roman author and statesman. During the first century A.D., he wrote the first ever ghost story in his letters. He reported that the spirit of an old man was haunting his house in Athens. The ghost had a long white beard and was chained up in rusted chains.

Greek writer Lucian and Roman writer Plautus have also written many horror stories.

In Germany, a man reported about the first poltergeist ghost (a ghost that causes physical trouble such as loud noises ).

The ghost-like figure used to torture the family. It threw stones at odd hours and made horrifying noises of evil crying and laughter.

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3 Famous Historical Ghosts

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry and mother of Queen Elizabeth. In May 1536, the court executed her at the Tower of London. People blamed her for witchcraft, treason, incest and adultery.

Several locals were able to sight Boleyn’s ghost at the tower and other nearby locations.

According to a local legend, a soldier on duty tried to dare and attack a beheaded figure. He plunged onto the figure with his knife but he was utterly bewildered by the fact that the weapon could not penetrate inside the body and instead went straight through the woman. This was the most spectacular event of Boleyn’s sightings.

Many people have spotted  Benjamin Franklin’s ghost at the library in Philadelphia. Apparently, some people also saw the same statue of Franklin dancing in the streets at night in society. Isn’t it amazing to see a ghost dancing? Actually, it’s not.

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Many ghost sightings of Abraham Lincoln have been reported at the White House. Abraham was the 16th president of USA. He got killed by an assassin’s bullet in April 1865. His spirit wanders at the old Springfield building and surrounding law offices.

Historically Haunted Places (Which remain haunted even today)

People have reported ghost armies on famous battlefields of the English Civil War, the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg and the World War I.

HMS Queen Mary was a cruise ship. It was built for the Cunard-White Star Line which is now an active centre of abnormal activities.

Queen Mary provides a noted presence with more than 50 ghost sightings till date. The last chief engineer of ship heard unexplained sounds and voices from the area near the ship’s bow.

The New York city is famous for its real ghost stories. The author Mark Twain often haunts the stairwell in the apartment building in his village.

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The most famous New York ghost is that of Aaron Burr. He was a vice president back in the day but he became quite infamous for killing Alexander Hamilton during one of the duels (1804). His ghost roams around the streets of the old neighbourhood.

    Ghost Festivals around the World

In China,  people celebrate ‘The Ghost Festival’ to honour and respect the dead. Their people believe that the living could be benefited from the spirits of the dead. The seventh month of the year is known as the ” Ghost month”.  During this period, the distance between the living and the dead is a blurred line. The dead can easily cross hell and enter the mortal world.

In Mesoamerican culture, people celebrate ‘The Day of the Dead‘. They leave out food and gifts for the dead hoping that the ghost will not trouble the living.

Of course, everyone knows about Halloween.

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