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8 Easy Butter Hacks

Life without butter is definitely a sad way to live.

Butter is one of the important and useful ingredients found in every kitchen. A little bit of butter in your dish makes your dish super-amazing. From making sandwiches to pasta and to even sautéed vegetables, butter can make any dish delicious and buttery. Butter is known to be an all-rounder ingredient.

Interesting hacks about butter.

As a butter lover you must have a look on some butter hacks you would love to experiment in your kitchen. From softening butter to cooking steak, you’ll be going to love this dairy-based fat even more.

1. Make a compound butter for an easy flavor upgrade.

You can impress people with a fancy meal by using up random ingredients in the butter which gives a unique flavor. Compound butter instantly lends fresh, savory flavor to steak, fish, pancakes, cornbread, waffles, chicken.

Also, many brands offer special varieties of butter flavored with herbs or other many ingredients. But you can also make your own compound butter and it’s very easy to using whatever flavor you like.
Firstly start chopping butter into small cubes with a food processor and then add your other ingredients when they are in pieces.

Mostly ingredients such as Chopped herbs and spices, cheese, citrus zest, and even dried fruits are very popular choices among people.
Lastly scrape the finished mixture into plastic wrap, then give it a shape of a stick or log. You should also chill or freeze it again before serving.

2. Grate frozen butter next time you bake.

When you take the butter out of the refrigerator and it is very cold so you can just grate it to use a little instead of cutting it. This technique will help you in getting a good quantity of butter for your dish. However while baking pie crusts, scones, biscuits, or any other kind of quick bread, you want a flaky, buttery outside, and the cold temperature of the butter is part of what helps achieve that in the oven.

All these things are made up of the steam created by the butter while baking, which helps in lifting up your crusts and bread for that perfect flaky goodness. Next time when you’re baking, simply grate frozen butter into little shreds directly into the dough. You’ll find that it incorporates quickly and easily got into the batter without having a chance to warm up.

3. Softening butter before time.

If you take out butter from the refrigerator it is too hard and you want to use it now. So to softening it you can take soften it with the help of the microwave. You just have to heat a glass of water in the microwave and when done, throw away the water. And then cover the butter stick with that warm glass and it will instantly soften the butter.

4. Baste meat in butter.

It is to be said that it’s a  fact of life that butter basically makes everything taste better,  especially steak and poultry. However, you should always baste any seared meats or poultry with a pat of butter toward the end of the cooking process. This will definitely give a gorgeous finish that adds flavor and color to your main course.

5. Finish your pasta with butter.

This is an old trick used by almost every restaurant which will definitely give an instantly fancy look to your dinner. So the next time you’re making pasta, save some cooking water from the pot when you drain the pasta. Then simply add your all pasta, the pasta water, and some cold, cut-up butter to the sauce and simmer for a few minutes before serving. This will give your pasta a delicious taste as well as good texture.

6. Always use unsalted butter.

You must have wondered whether it really matters what kind of butter you use so the answer is yes. This is suggested by renowned chefs that you should always use unsalted butter if possible. If you are going to use butter in the balking process so you should always go for the unsalted one. Although you can always add salt if needed.

7. Keeping brownies in perfect shape

Every person who is baking something always used butter before putting something for baking. In order to keep your brownies perfect in shape while cutting them, grease the cutting blade with some butter, and also u can use butter before putting the batter in the mold. This will help the brownie come out easily with perfect shape and texture.

8. Storing butter

It has often thought by every people that the butter should be stored on the countertop or the refrigerator. But, in reality, the salted or pasteurized butter can be kept on the countertop for up to 10 days not more than that.

Now you can use your normal daily butter in many ways. You can use these hacks and give texture and flavour to your food by using such butter hacks.

Melting butter. Photo by TatianaFoxy.

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