Is Death Really The End Of It All?

Have you ever wondered about death? I’m sure you must have, so here are a few hypotheses put up after some research and development and some concocted stories cooked up in this little brain. Some religions claim that we go to heaven or hell, depending on the deeds we do in this lifeline.

What happens after death?

No one really knows the answer to this. Science predicts that nothing really happens, but science has the capability of being wrong. Materialism supports this statement. Materialism suggests that everything is physical. Materialism is incapable of explaining the abstract things that a human holds, feelings and emotions. Nothing can be proven, not even the fact that our memories and thoughts die, with the brain as the person dies.

what happens after death
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Science relies on proven theories and observations. What we have here are the human concepts of the truth as to what happens, considering we cannot ask a dead one.

Some say that the aftermath is gloomy and sad as it is the final most stage and experience of all. It is important to know that during death, it is your mind that is decelerating and your body deteriorating, not you. Your mind and body are a part of you, you control them. They are nothing without you. Humans have the tendency to believe that their being able to feel and think is who they are, which is wrong. The idea of your real self is what you think of and it is contained in your mind and projected through your body.

Death is a part of the infinite cycle, some claim it to be the end of everything as they come off self-absorbed, or egotistical. It is nothing wrong, but there is no point in putting limitations on anything. Some people continue to live on even after their deaths due to the deeds they’ve done or what they have left behind. Our mind is a processor that leads us to believe in seeing something and making us believe it is not.

death is part of a cycle
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Some say that before your birth, you exist as a soul in a supernatural realm, suspended. Your soul has lived its past lives and it is assigned to a body at a specific time such as when you are meant to learn something out of the world.

The death of a human is a gradual process, it happens slowly. The cells present in the body are cut off if the oxygen and sugar to maintain the energy levels. External forces such as bacteria, sunlight slowly take up the proteins from the body. Individual cells may go on firing for some time but they even give up and dry off. Your brain is said to shut off 30 seconds after your heart gives up and you lose all consciousness. The tissue turns to a liquid sludge and evaporates. Then the bones are left which turn to dust slowly. Then all of you that is life is dust.

death of humans
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Death is something that most people want to run from, we all do actually. It is something that is even avoided talking about, but death is inevitable and it shall come even against your will. We have to accept and continue living our lives to the fullest and do everything we love, it is the universal truth which is better accepted.

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