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  • Factsindoor games

    7 Indoor Games to Combat Boredom and Have Fun With

    What’s most memorable from when you were a kid? Family trips, get-togethers or probably the fact that slipping out of a situation was easier back then. But one thing which is common for most of the ’90s kids and millennials is indoor games played with friends and family. Today, losing a P.U.B.G match might bring down your rank but back…

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  • Factshow ouija boards work

    How Do Ouija Boards Really Work?

    Have you ever wanted to talk to spirits of any kind? It could be that of a family member or that of a famous person! I find it pretty fascinating and some say this is even possible with ouija boards and others just mock at it showcasing their skepticism. So how can you do it? Check it out! What Is…

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  • Factssnake and ladder

    This Is How The Legend Of Snake And Ladder Made Its Way

    On a scale of 1-10, how clueless and surprised will you be if someone asked you about the very famous indoor game “Mokshpat”? Would it be a 19? Well, I will not be shocked because although we have played this indoor game all our life, not many of us might know in depth facts about this game. Remember the times…

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  • HistorySnakes & Ladders

    Understand Karma Through A Board Game Snakes And Ladders

    The Rules Of Snakes And Ladders Two or more people can play the Snakes and Ladders game on a game board consisting of numbers and grid squares. Then there is a number on ‘Snakes and Ladders’ which are pictured on the board, each Snake and Ladder connects to two specific board squares. Leisurely yet fun to play, those dice decide…

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