• FactsJourney To The Ghost World: 8 Haunted Places In India

    Journey To The Ghost World: 8 Haunted Places In India

    Are you someone who happens to be attracted to the supernatural? Most of the people avoid an encounter with paranormal activities; many people explore the adrenaline rush of being surrounded by strange unknown. If you believe that ghosts exist, you are not alone. Ghost hunting became widespread around the world recently. ‘Ghost Hunters’ a television series which got famous: assertion…

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  • Factshow ouija boards work

    How Do Ouija Boards Really Work?

    Have you ever wanted to talk to spirits of any kind? It could be that of a family member or that of a famous person! I find it pretty fascinating and some say this is even possible with ouija boards and others just mock at it showcasing their skepticism. So how can you do it? Check it out! What Is…

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  • Facts

    Are Shadow People Paranormal Or Normal? Know More About Them

    Have you seen movies or TV shows portraying shadow people as existing beings? Shadow People affecting the lives of people in one or the other way? While there is no particular standpoint as to justify their existence, I have just tried to bring together all the concerning philosophies here in this article. After reading the article, I would suggest, you…

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