5 Items to Always Have With You When Walking At Night

Whether going around the house for a regular check or walking down the street as a form of exercise, you need to be prepared accordingly. The night is different from the day and often brings a lot of unexpected dangers that you’d never face during the day.

You may say that it is dangerous, and being prepared is of utmost importance for everyone. If you’re going out walking, jogging, taking your dog for a regular walk, or anything else for that matter means taking precautions.

We’re sharing a few tips that will make this nighttime experience better, safer, and more comfortable in this article. Follow up if you want to know the five essential items to always have with you when you’re going out at night.

5 Items to Always Have With You When Walking At Night

1. LED flashlight

This one’s pretty obvious. When you’re in the dark, you need something to light up the way. Go online and look for the perfect LED flashlight. Find one that will be easily placed in the pocket or tied to your keychain but will still provide a lot of lumens when you need it.

When you walk outside, it may not be entirely dark through the streets of your neighborhood, but you still must be prepared in case there’s total darkness.

2. A dog repeller

When you’re wandering the streets of the city, you never know if someone’s dog has escaped or if there’s a pack of stray dogs sleeping on the corner. Being attacked by just one is a scary experience, so why risk something like that and jump on top of cars?

The solution is simple – you want a dog repeller. These items are simple and made to affect dogs only. When pressed, these repellers will emit a sound on a frequency that will make dogs go crazy and leave you alone. It’s a simple yet highly effective solution that makes everyone go on their way peacefully.  

3. Fluorescent clothes

People driving at night are often going too fast. If you’re walking by the side of the road and there are no sidewalks, you’re in great danger. Drivers might not notice you’re there, and you may get hit by a vehicle without the driver even noticing you’ve been hurt.

The solution for this is simple. Wear a jacket, pants, or something on you that will have fluorescent lines or be entirely covered with fluorescent items. This way, drivers will instantly notice if there is something on the side of the road and be careful. Just a second is enough for things to go wrong at night, and you don’t want to risk your life over a walk.

4. Smartphone

One of the virtues of modern technology is keeping us safe. Although many people love the night walks to get out of the everyday struggles and be one with nature, you still shouldn’t leave your smartphone at home. The smartphone has a GPS connection, and if something happens to you at night, they’ll quickly locate you through the smartphone.

You can turn off the sound and the notifications and enjoy the night walk as if you’re not wearing any technology with you. However, in moments of crisis or need, it will be there for you to make a call and ask for help. You don’t have to look at it while walking but have it with you in the case of an emergency.

5. Cash and ID

Cash and an ID card are mandatory during the day and are also mandatory during the night. If the police stop you and you have no ID card, you’ll get a ticket. More importantly, though, they are mandatory because they are your way out of emergencies in many situations.

Let’s say you twist your ankle as you walk. No one will want to help you without cash and an ID card. Even if you call the police, they will not be sure whether you’re an ordinary person or a criminal, so having these two on you can literally save your life in emergency cases.


Always have these few things with you when you’re going out at night. These items are small enough and can be kept in a pocket, so they will surely not pose a problem for you. Find a fluorescent jacket for this need and make sure it has enough pockets – that’s the perfect scenario.

There’s a thin line between having a fantastic night in which you’ll enjoy yourself and a night which you’ll have nightmares afterward. If you want to stay safe, feel relaxed, and happy when you return home, make sure you follow the tips from above and always carry the items mentioned.


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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