• Amazing Fragrance Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

    11 Amazing Fragrance Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

    We all know how necessary and important it is to add a good perfume to your daily routine as it gives a new and wonderful aura to your body. Sometimes it’s your fragrance that attracts many heads towards you, and people get drawn to you. Perfumes should be always long-lasting and give a good fragrance. And though there are many…

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  • Wonderful Musical Artists We Grew Up Listening To

    10 Wonderful Musical Artists We Grew Up Listening To

    Our 90s generation was influenced by a number of music styles and musical artists, and we all grew up listening to a mix of bands or solo artists, whom we loved immensely and idolized even to an extent. Their songs would become a favorite on the playlist, the cassette or the CD of their albums would be played regularly, and…

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  • Myths and Superstitions that still exists in our society

    12 Myths and Superstitions That Still exists in Our Society

     India is a country where traditional myths and superstitions breathe comfortably next to technological advancement. We have sent rockets to space but we also try to alter our destiny using gemstones, have achieved milestones in the field of research but also get anxious if a black cat crosses our path. Jotted down are some of the age-old beliefs and totems…

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  • Men United: Bonding and Beyond

    The landscape of fatherhood is undergoing a transformative shift as modern dads navigate the interplay between career and caregiving, challenging age-old perceptions and redefining the paternal role. Embracing the mantle of both provider and nurturer, today’s fathers are breaking new ground, balancing the rigors of the professional world with the tender, yet crucial responsibilities of child-rearing. This essay endeavors to…

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  • Technologies we Cannot Live Without

    10 Technologies we Cannot Live Without

    As the world developed gradually, there were scientific and technological advancements. First there was the invention of cars, then aeroplanes, then radios, television, telephones and now the world has come to such a time where everything is just a click away, be it in your tablets or mobiles. Such technological developments were made to make lives easier, but such has…

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