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How To Get Into Drinking Coffee?

Coffee is an imperative part of life. We hear people rave about coffee from the time we’re in middle school and see our parent’s faces light up as soon as their lips touch the side of their cup of coffee to when we reach that age and rely on coffee to start our days.

The importance of coffee in your life is a gradual process. You might start by drinking Starbucks in a way to look cool in front of your friends, and then all of a sudden, you find yourself unable to function without that cup of joe. I’m sure most people would say that they go to bed dreaming about their morning coffee. 

A cup of coffee each morning is so much more than just a caffeine rush – it’s a sense of relaxation and routine in this crazy world. While some people start their days with green juice, ginger shot, and other superfood fuels, nothing does the trick quite like coffee. If you don’t consider yourself a huge coffee drinker but are trying to get into the liquid gold that is coffee, here is how you can get into drinking coffee.

How To Get Into Drinking Coffee

1. Start With Coffee-flavored Drinks

Start With Coffee-flavored Drinks

For beginner coffee drinkers, a cup of black coffee probably isn’t going to be that appealing. Instead, start small with coffee-flavored drinks. The taste of coffee is undeniably delicious, especially when it’s combined with other flavors. The Starbucks bottled frappuccino drinks are a great starting point. You can find them in a myriad of flavors, such as vanilla and mocha, and now they even make dairy-free options. They are sweet but still taste like coffee and will give you that necessary boost of energy.

2. When In Doubt, Go For Iced Coffee

When In Doubt, Iced Coffee

I think it’s safe to say that iced coffee tastes better than hot coffee. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about iced coffee that hits differently. As easy as it is to buy iced coffee from a coffee shop, it is not that simple to make it at home. You can make and bottle coffee in the fridge the night before, or you can just invest in a cold-brew coffee maker. Cold brew coffee is great in many ways and is so much smoother than hot coffee, but it can be a pain to make yourself. But with a cold brew coffee maker, you can brew and drink your iced coffee every morning at ease.

3. Experiment With Syrups

Experiment With Syrups

If you’ve already tried the two options mentioned above and still can’t find yourself enjoying coffee, try experimenting with flavored syrups. You can choose from pretty much every flavor under the sun nowadays and become your own barista. Who needs Starbucks when you can just buy some of your favorite flavored coffee syrups?

4. Play Around With The Milk Ratio 

 Play Around With The Milk Ratio

Not everyone enjoys black coffee. Some people like their coffee with lots of milk and cream. And there’s nothing wrong with that! The whole point of coffee is to find something that YOU like. Play around with the milk to coffee ratio and find something that works for you. Plus, there are tons of milk and creamers to experiment with nowadays, like the smooth and delicious Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend creamer.  

5. Use A Milk Frother

Use A Milk Frother

Milk frothers are super popular for a good reason! Using a milk frother really brings your coffee to the next level and gives you a café style drink without having spent all the money. You can try a handheld milk frother or an automatic one. If you’re trying to get into the coffee, a milk frother is a great way to start with.

Coffee stimulates the brain, gives us the necessary energy with which we need to tackle the day, and just downright tastes utterly delicious. Try out these 4 simple methods, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself going to bed having sweet dreams about your morning cup of coffee.

Darsh Patel

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