• FactsExploring New England And What It Has To Offer

    Exploring New England And What It Has To Offer

    Have you ever wanted to explore New England? New England is one of the oldest colonized spots of the United States, which gives it a rich history. It also lies on the East Coast, giving it open access to the Atlantic Ocean. These two things, combined with everything else New England has to offer, make it a wonderful place to…

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  • Factshow ouija boards work

    How Do Ouija Boards Really Work?

    Have you ever wanted to talk to spirits of any kind? It could be that of a family member or that of a famous person! I find it pretty fascinating and some say this is even possible with ouija boards and others just mock at it showcasing their skepticism. So how can you do it? Check it out! What Is…

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  • Serving You Some Extra Spicy Creepypasta

    Let’s face it! We live in strange times where anything can happen, talk about those people who consider themselves extra courageous and brave, who participate in strange games and try to test the creepy theories. If you are one of those people, please be my guest because I’m your host and I am about to tell you some creepypasta stories…

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  • Facts

    Who was the First Ghost to be discovered?

    We’ve all grown up listening to stories about ghosts and spirits who return from the dead and other worlds. Also, some of us have encountered ghosts in real life too. But have you ever wondered who the first ghost to be discovered was? Here you will get answers to all these questions.         What is a ghost?…

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  • FactsDog Suicide Bridge

    Have You Heard Of The Dog Suicide Bridge?

    We have heard of several haunted places where some mysterious happenings may have taken the lives of many human beings. But, have you heard of a haunted bridge from where hundreds of dogs have leaped off to death? The Overtoun Bridge has been attracting suicidal dogs since the early 50’s. Situated near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, this 19th-century bridge…

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