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10 Traits of Students That Are Always on Top

Have you ever wondered how a student from your class manages to get done with twice as much work as you in the same 24 hour day? How do some of your classmates swindle between various classes and extra-curricular activities so effortlessly? More than wonder, this puts one in a place of self-doubt. It is natural for any concerned student to want to work to their best potential but it just seems strenuous.

These high-performance, painfully driven individuals are not gifted. They have built their way up to the level of performance that they showcase. They possess certain qualities and habits that have aided them to be in the position that they are in. Currently, an incredible amount of research is carried out. to find out the factors affecting student performances and the behaviors pertaining to high-performance students. Here are a few observed traits that inhabit the best of the students: 

10 Traits of Students That are Always on Top

1. Focus on the Task at Hand 

Dedicated students tend to focus on one thing at a time. This takes an immense amount of concentration and the ability to prioritize tasks. Focusing on one task at a time helps channelize all of one’s energy in one direction. This produces a quicker and better output. Doing this also helps with the clarity of the subject matter. This can be done making either a physical or mental note of the things that one has to tackle, then prioritising them in order and taking a go at the various tasks at hand – one at a time. 

2. Treat Your Education as Your Job 

Students with an impressive academic record do not treat their education as a mere milestone to touch before the “mauj hi mauj”, but they treat it like a job. The moment students start holding themselves responsible for their education, the game changes. A mentality where one holds themselves accountable for everything. it can either be at school or the University. One should start looking at education as a way to improve their future as well as the world. Rather than counting it as a favor to the parents or teachers. 

3. Limit Distractions

In this world of technology, there is a lot to distract students from reading and learning. Some critical distractors are social media, television, and online streaming services. These platforms make it not only difficult but almost impossible for one to concentrate. Therefore, top-notch students always make sure they are away from all kinds of distractions. Especially during their time of learning, studying, or during the hours of class. Keeping one’s phone aside, blocking unnecessary websites, wearing noise-canceling headphones, and finding a quiet study spot can all help limit distractions.

4. Plan and Organize in Advance

Organize your life to the minute if that’s what it takes to keep you on top of all the tasks that you need to do. Organisation and planning one’s days and tasks can do wonders in terms of performance. Maintaining a planner with all the deadlines, homework assignments, events, and examination dates is one way. It can help one plan, sort and organise the tasks both in real life and mentally. Academically successful students always plan out their days and work.

5. Ask for Help and Ask Questions Without Hesitation

Excelling students don’t fear being judged for their questions or academic doubts. Keeping the focus on the knowledge instead of what people might think is key to the process of learning. One should ask for guidance right away when one’s stuck. Asking for help/guidance or asking questions doesn’t make one weak, instead, it showcases a will to learn and delve in deep. 

6. Use Active Learning and Recall Methods

The best of students are always seen scribbling away each word that comes their way during classes, discussions, and doubt sessions. This is a delectable way to learn actively. When one writes down things, they automatically get partially registered in one’s mind, becoming a part of one’s semantic memory. Active learning and recall methods like writing things down, using flashcards, asking a friend to test you, or solving sample test papers can help improve academic performance.  

7. Stop Procrastinating and Master Time Management Skills

Procrastination is a silent killer. It kills productivity and induces stress. When a student learns to manage and master their time, they not only beat procrastination but open a window for an array of new activities. Balancing one’s time with respect to one’s task priority is crucial. This balance would bring a study-life balance which is key to mental health care. And trust me, the dopamine coming through by finishing a task is a million times better than the dopamine produced while procrastinating.  

8. Eat a Balanced Diet 

A healthy, balanced diet is crucial to a healthy mind. Leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and an adequate amount of water are ideal for good brain functioning and a powerful memory. Hence, students should ensure keeping their diet in check. Consuming too much caffeine during late-night study sessions is not advisable. Instead, one can opt for healthier study snacks like almonds, dates, or fruit. 

9. Sleep Well for Brain Recharge

Sleep replenishes the body and mind overnight. Students require anything between 7-9 hours of sleep. More or less sleep than this stipulated time can hamper one’s capacity to grasp, memorize and concentrate. Students who perform well in school usually have a  decent bed-time which aids their quality academic performance. 

10. Form a Study Group

It is said that you are a company of the top five people that you spend the most of your time with. This applies to study buddies. Students should strive to acquaint themselves with students of similar interests and thoughts. This will encourage positive and energetic discussions and conversations. There is much more to learn from these engagements than the classroom lectures. Usually, academically driven students mingle amongst themselves to solve doubts, to help during homework, and to engage in interesting discussions.  

The above traits and practices aid the process of reaching a respectable academic performance. Developing these qualities is a matter of grit and handwork. One has to persevere to make it happen. It takes extensive self-discipline to strive to become better every day. But, this strive is for a good cause. A good academic performance doesn’t just better one’s report card but ensures the growth and development of a human asset to the world –  a world that is in need of assets. 


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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