6 Accessories You Should Carry On Your Next Ski Trip

Hey there! Have you already planned your next travel destination? If not, then may I enlighten you on where your next travel destination should be? How does a backdrop of snow-clad mountains and rain of snowfall sound? Exciting, right?

Many of us have our winter slots booked. With plans to visit Manali, Himachal Pradesh, or enjoy the scenic beauty of Leh Ladakh, you must have ensured that you have a travel destination planned will all the details hook to nail. And the first adventure that comes to mind, and I’m pretty sure is on the top of your adventure list, is a ski trip. But some of you must have realized that you have never been on a snowy vacation before. Nor even on a ski trip. How can you prepare yourself for a perfect and memorable ski trip, you ask? Well, don’t worry! I have got you covered.

In this article, I will mention some of the wardrobes and accessories you should include when packing for your first ski trip or the hundredth. You can check out if you have forgotten to add any of the items from this list.

6 Accessories You Should Carry On Your Next Ski Trip

1. Waterproof Ski Jacket & Ski Pants

Waterproof Ski Jacket & Ski Pants
Source: TripSavvy

When out on a ski trip, one must keep in mind the harsh climatic conditions that may occur out of the blue. When you are trekking on icy terrains, there’s always the possibility of a hailstorm or heavy snow or melted ice that has formed a water puddle. Hence, you need to gear up and deck yourself with waterproof ski pants and ski jackets that will help you tackle the harsh windy conditions and high temperatures. These wardrobes will also be useful when you are snowmobiling or mountaineering. The material of the ski pants and jackets has a form of air insulation. This design of the insulation keeps you comfortable against any harsh weather conditions.

2. Waterproof Winter Gloves & Mittens

Waterproof Winter Gloves & Mittens
Source: New York Magazine

If you are not too familiar with cold climatic conditions, then the chances of you catching frostbite are more. These frostbites will cut off blood circulation in your fingers. Waterproof gloves or mittens will protect you against these frostbites. For the usual snowboarding experience, a glove or mitten with a nylon exterior is helpful. An insulated glove provides warmth to your hands. These gloves and mittens do not allow water or moisture to seep through them.

3. Snow Goggles

Snow Goggles
Source: GearJunkie

You may be very excited to catch a glimpse of the beautiful snow-clad locations. But it is essential to keep in mind that there is always a chance for a snowstorm or blistering snow that may blur your vision. You should always wear your goggles whenever you go on a ski trip. You can consider choosing a snow goggle with a green, gold, amber, or rose-colored lens. The snow goggles are a huge help on a cloudy day if luck is not on your side.

4. Skis Or Snowboards

Skis Or Snowboards
Source: parlorskis.com

The most vital accessory of your skip trip. Without this, your ski trip is incomplete. There are some varieties of snowboards that you should know about that are – Alpine, All Mountain, and Freestyle. You can choose the snowboard depending on your level of expertise in using and handling it. The design of snowboards and skis cater to people with little to more experience in snowboarding or skiing. In case you do not have or own a snowboard, you can rent one from a nearby shop. You can also rent one from your resort.

5. Ski Helmet

Ski Helmet
Source: SPY

An activity like skiing is fun and games. But there is always a possibility of things going downhill. The last thing you would want is going home with a bruised head or cutting your family trip short to get admitted to the hospital. Hence, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. When you purchase a helmet, you should check the quality of the helmet. You should see if the inner padding is secure and if the ski helmet is the right fit for you.

6. Ski Boots

Ski Boots
Source: LiveAbout

Imagine a situation where you are out skiing, and you stumble upon a rock. You tumble down the hill and form an avalanche as you roll down the slope. Oh well! I let my imaginations run wild. But, your ski boots must work at your convenience. You should be able to control them when skiing on steep slopes. A small bump or imbalance can lead to a grave injury, which at times can be fatal.

Now that your ski items are ready, it’s time to pack up and head out for your ski adventure.

Have fun!

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