Top 4 Living Room Design Trends Right Now

If you are someone who adores the idea of making your home as fashionable and on-trend as your clothing, shoes, and accessories are, then it is certainly time to start paying attention to designer and high-street stores alike as to what is ‘in’ right now.

To help, here are the top four living room design trends right now. Continue reading to learn all about them.

1. Accent Chairs

Perhaps the most striking forerunner in the home decor and design trends prevalent right now is that of the statement accent chair. 

Peruse the awe-inspiring selection of beautifully designed and produced statement items of Togo sofas from Ligne Roset and instead of spending smaller amounts of money on various, mismatched décor items, treat yourself to an accent chair instead. 

Furthermore, when looking for the right style of accent chair for your space, remember that as important as aesthetic impression undoubtedly is that you also need to feel comfortable when enjoying the use of the chair too, so do try to see the chair before you spend your hard-earned money. 

2. Contrasting Colors

The world of color and more specifically, the pairing of one color with another entirely different one, is an entirely personal endeavor and a focal wall in a living room can be cherished by one person and entirely hated by another. 

However, this year and set to continue for many years to come, bold color pairings are trending and the more unusual the combination of colors, the better. From deep brown with a rusty after-effect mixed with bluey-gray and muted pastel green with a vibrant burnt orange, get creative with the color combinations you choose. 

3. Art Deco

The third most ‘on-trend’ style of home design and décor is in the context of an entire design theme, Art Deco.

Art Deco, epitomized beautifully by the 1920s, has already begun to influence everything from small ornaments on the fireplace to the fireplace itself, with the following being just a selection of the key examples for living rooms:

  • Peacock blues & emerald greens 
  • Geometric prints on wallpaper
  • Pentagon-style coffee tables and footstools
  • Ornately decorated wall mirrors 

4. Painted Ceilings 

For many years now, focal walls have been a mainstay of any living room which is long overdue redecoration and now, as walls across the entirety of the United States and beyond have become overflowing with items of all descriptions, attention has turned towards the ceiling. 

Whether you decide on a more textured look for the ceiling of your living room to add dimension, or even to branch out and paint the ceiling in a contrasting color to the rest of the room, having a living room with a painted ceiling will mean you are on-trend. 

It would be pertinent to point out that painting a ceiling of any size or height is usually substantially harder than it first appears and, as such, you are strongly advised to employ the services of a professional painter and decorator. 

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