Lemon To The Rescue – Lemon Tea And Its Benefits!

We live in a world where lifestyle changes seem to be the cause of many diseases. Obesity, heart-related conditions, blood pressure, diabetes seem to be dominating the world. Thus, a lot of people have finally realized the seriousness of these issues and have become very health conscious.

People follow rigid diets and have started giving a lot of importance to the food they eat. This article is for you, health-conscious readers!

Lemon has always been famous for its medicinal qualities. And drink prepared out of this citric fruit – Lemon Tea is the one solution for five major health problems faced by many people. These five are:

Low Immunity

The best way to boost your immune system is by having a warm cup of lemon tea in the morning. Having lemon tea on an empty stomach is the best time to provide your body the nutrition for increasing immunity. It enables your body to fight all kinds of infection.

The citrus present in the lemon also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help patients with asthma and sinus.

low immunity
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Psychological Fatigue

Lemon tea helps in removing toxins from your body. This will help in energizing the body and refreshing the mind. Having it in the morning can help clear your mind for the stressful day ahead of you.

Having it in between your day also helps because stress usually releases toxins into your body. It triggers a lot of mental issues like headaches, weakness, lethargy, sleepiness, fatigue, etc. Having it during short breaks can give you the boost that your overworked mind needs!

A sore throat

A sore throat has now become a common issue that many people get very easily. It could be due to changing weathers, infections or due to some non-stop singing and screaming at a very happening party!

Well, here is the solution for you! Having some hot lemon tea can help get rid of your sore throat. The lemon helps killing germs or bacteria causing any infection and also soothes the pain that you feel. The honey in your lemon tea will also help. Honey is seen as an adequate substitute for a cough suppressant ingredient called Dextromethorphan.

Skin Problems

Lemon is the best solution for all skin related problems. The Vitamin C that you get from it helps in fighting acne, skin blemishes and gives your skin a shiny and glowing look. Lemon tea helps to increase the production of collagen which helps in keeping the firmness of the skin intact.

Heart-Related Issues

Recent studies by the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research has proved that tea helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Lemon tea provides nutrition for minimizing lipids and inflammations. It also helps in preventing blood clots near arteries.

There is a saying that all profound and complex problems usually have a simple solution to it.

Lemon tea is one of the simplest solutions one can come up with for many health-related issues. Preparing lemon tea is also not stressful at all! It hardly takes 5-1o minutes to make.

So readers, share this article with as many people as possible and comment on the section below on what you feel about Lemon tea. Tell us your bits of advice on the other benefits of lemon tea and how it has helped you personally! Because all of us can do with sharing experiences!

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