• LifestyleWays to Live Your Dream Life

    25 Ways to Live Your Dream Life

    If you wish to live your dreams, then you have to give up the habits that are holding you back. Are you really living the life of your dreams? Or are you happy with where you are in your life? If not, what’s holding you back? 25 Ways to Live Your Dream Life 1. Create a Vision Board Visualizing your…

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  • Health and WellnessTraits of Students That are Always on Top

    10 Traits of Students That Are Always on Top

    Have you ever wondered how a student from your class manages to get done with twice as much work as you in the same 24 hour day? How do some of your classmates swindle between various classes and extra-curricular activities so effortlessly? More than wonder, this puts one in a place of self-doubt. It is natural for any concerned student…

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  • Educationways to become a better creative writer

    23 Ways To Become A Better Creative Writer

    Writing requires hard work and dedication to become a better creative writer. If you’re a reader who loves to read any piece of work, be it novels, blogs, feature stories, or short stories, then you might have once thought of writing something on your own. I bet many of you must have even started writing, some leaving it halfway because of…

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  • LifestyleWays To Stop Procrastinating

    20 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

    “I’ll do it later” is the phrase we use to lure our brain that has been asking us to complete the task for a long time now. After wasting all of this time and procrastinating with laziness, and just scrolling through the phone, we realize that now, it’s really hard to make it before the deadline. As a result, we rush to complete the task which could have been easily done earlier.   Procrastinating work makes people delay their work to remain in that comfortable bed or continue doing…

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  • FactsThe Pomodoro Technique: Ace Your Exams With Full Efficiency

    The Pomodoro Technique: Ace Your Exams With Full Efficiency

    Do you have lots of topics to cover for your exam? How many days are there for your exam? When you have lots to study, do you lose interest in studying? If yes, what do you do then? It happens that the student indulges in playing online games on their phones or on the computer. It takes a lot of…

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