9 Weird Pani Puri Combinations from Around the World

In fact, it is a much-loved delicacy savored by everyone around the world. This appetizer is a manifestation of simple joy for people.

Apart from these normal flavored pani puris, there are some kickass transformations you would love to know about.

9 Weird Pani Puri Combinations from Around the World

1.    Chocolate Golgappe

Imagine your favorite spicy food item available in a whole new avatar. Chocolate Golgappa is a dessert form of panipuri.

It is a chocolate coated puri filled with fruits and whipped cream. The water to dip in is a perfect blend of betel leaf, fennel seeds, and vanilla ice cream.

The water dip is served in small shot glasses filled with a coffee milkshake with the stuffed puris gracefully placed on the top of each glass and served.

For all the chocolate lovers out there, this is a must-try!

2.     Fruit Panipuri

Perfect for fruit lovers, this unique pani puri provides a zesty taste of fruits in soulful street food.

The mashed potatoes here are replaced with chopped fruits and the tangy water is replaced with a fruity liquid. The fruity flavors of orange juice and apple juice are served with the fruit-stuffed puris. It is a perfect tastemaker snack.

3.   Pani Puri with Black Grapes

The pani in this recipe is tasty and is made healthy by using black grape juice instead of our regular tamarind water.

The combination of mint leaves, coriander leaves, and green chilies along with grape juice enhances its flavor and unusualness. 

4.   Thai Pani Puri

 The traditional puri stuffings are replaced with mixed vegetables dipped in coconut sauce.

 It is garnished with fresh spring onions. These puris are crispy from the outside and creamy from the inside with an exciting texture and finger-licking taste.

5.    Pizza Pani Puri

Imagine two of our favorite food items merged into one!

 Byte-size pizza in golgappa is a very innovative snack best served as a starters. The stuffing consists of capsicum, onions, and olives with pizza sauces, and seasonings in accordance with the taste.

It is then garnished with the heart of pizza i.e. Cheese. This is must try for all the Pizza lovers, you’re just gonna love this mini one bite pizza.

6. Healthy Panipuri

There is a healthier take on Indian staples in Los Angeles. Here, it is stuffed with sprouted mung beans and house-made chutneys. And unlike the tamarind water, cumin and mint infused water is made to dip the puri in. You can find this is in a very famous café there named “The Bombay Café”.

 7.  Vodka Panipuri

Panipuri is served as part cocktail and part snack in Cambridge. They mix lime and spiced honey paste to vodka instead of the regular flavored water. Later, pour it down to the martini glasses and serve it with the plate in which the stuffings are to be self-filled in the puris.

 8.   Dahi Avocado Chaat

 This is the local version of Philadelphia (USA). The puffed puri is stuffed with the chickpeas and addition of fresh avocado, red onions, homemade chutney, and tangy yogurt, which gives it a unique flavor.

9.    Puri + A Sexy Cocktail

There is a unique style of serving panipuri in Houston (USA). They use the puffed wheat crisps and fill them with the stuffing of tender potato and garbanzo medley, and savor it with homemade tamarind and mint water. What makes it different is the fact that it is served along with the Kama Sutra cocktail.

Pani puri is a snack that is loved by the young, and appreciated by the old and it continues to fill their lives with the perfect blend of tastes and flavors. It brings a smile to millions of faces and acts as a perfect appetizer before the meals.

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