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    9 Important Life Lessons You Must Know!

    Life is profound, complex, and marked good times as well as bad times. It is a journey where we learn something new every day. This journey is like a rollercoaster ride where there are ups and downs, highs and lows. But that is precisely what makes it enjoyable. Listed below are some important life lessons this fantastic excursion teaches us-…

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  • Androgens: What, Why, And How To Reduce Them?

    What Is Androgen? Androgens are a group of hormones that play a role in masculine characteristics and reproductive activity. They are present not only in males but females too! The main androgens hormones secreted by the body are testosterone and androstenedione. Androgens are considered to be male hormones, but they are present in females too. However, the amount of secretion…

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  • Facts

    5 Habits To Boost Your Health Long Term

    The discussion on health is something that has been on people’s radar for a long time. It is vital to take care of your health because it determines the quality of life that you will live. You can easily avoid different conditions when you take care of your health besides, having good health gives you more energy to focus and…

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  • Health and Wellness5 Easy Ways To Encourage A Weight Loss Lifestyle

    5 Easy Ways To Encourage A Weight Loss Lifestyle

    There are a lot of reasons people want to lose weight. Sometimes it’s due to health: Getting trim involves eating healthy, doing exercise, and various other things that make us feel good. Other times it’s to look different – “Bikini Body” is a phrase that courts a certain amount of controversy, but there’s definitely an appeal to looking our best…

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  • Self CareEasy Steps to Improve your Mental Health

    5 Easy Steps to Improve your Mental Health!

    We all love dining at fancy places and exquisite bars, we love eating fancy food, but what if our body someday decides not to let the waste out someday? What if there is no excretion mechanism? Will not all the toxins eventually get accumulated and affect our health, causing illnesses?  Similarly, when we do not clear mental dirt out of…

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