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5 Reasons Why You Are Having Sleepless Nights

Those were the days when we would hit the bed and instantly fall asleep without any difficulty. Lately, it has been observed that young adults between the ages of 16 to 25 are poor sleepers. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day is essential for a healthy lifestyle and good mental health. Researches in this area of the study indicate that sleeping for less than 8 hours can put your health at risk.

5 Reasons Why You Are Having Sleepless Nights

1. Eating Habits

Eating Habits
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Experts believe that having a heavy meal right before you hit the bed can make your body uncomfortable. Overeating (especially at night) can lead to obesity, which also contributes to sleep apnea. It’s a lesser-known fact, but our diet plays an important role; it determines the quality of sleep. Eating too less keeps your mind awake, and a growling stomach only adds misery to your sleepless night.

Solution: Small meals throughout the day, keeps the hunger away, and make sure to eat a balanced dinner just two hours before your bedtime. It can improve your sleep cycle.

2. Physical Inactivity

Physical Inactivity
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According to experts, not exercising on a daily basis causes sleeplessness. Regular work out and sleep are complementary to each other. Just lying on the bed or sofa all day leads to extreme fatigue and uneasiness at night, which doesn’t let you sleep. For kids, it’s easy to fall asleep because they are proactive throughout the day and are physically active.

Solution: Adults gradually become light sleepers, so developing a habit to exercise daily and keeping yourself fit can help you sleep faster at night. Make a new routine, workout every day or go for an early morning run, or just dance to music. Online Zumba classes are known to be effective and fun.

3. Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress
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With you, your stresses grow. The stress of doing well in your tests, the stress of reaching office on time, the stress of giving a job interview, the stress of cooking, the stress of driving in heavy traffic, the stress of your relationships, these are unavoidable and highly demanding. One cannot ignore the problems in life and move on, the stress gives us anxiety, which keeps us awake at night. In the 21st century, anxiety has become a part of our lives. We have normalized mental health problems and that’s where we are going wrong.

Solution: Meditating can calm your chaotic mind. You have to practice patience, you have to practice positivity, you have to learn to find a solution before freaking out, you have to give yourself the time to think and analyze every situation. Read a book, it keeps your mind at ease. Good conversations with an old friend can be refreshing. Listen to music while you do mindless activities, it will keep the stress away.

4. Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits
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Poor sleepers usually stay up late binging on tv shows, texting friends, and probably reading “interesting facts about booger” late at night. Excessive screen time can grossly affect your eyes.

Solution: Avoid watching visual content at night, instead listen to slow music which will put you to sleep. Do some boring or relaxing activities before you hit the bed. Keep the phone away from your reach.

5. Curious Mind

Curious Mind
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Despite having an eventful day, you end up staying up late involuntarily. Even after having a highly exhausting day, an active mind with a hundred thoughts keeps you awake. A cosy bed and comfortable sleeping position make no difference to a curious mind. It is constantly brewing new thoughts and thinking about past, present, or future events. An active imagination increases your alertness in spite of having a tiring day at work or college.

Solution: Before you go to sleep, try breathing exercises. It will calm your mind. Stay away from screens, make your bed, decrease the temperate of the room to 18; a colder environment helps the body ease into sleep. Don’t overthink, train your mind to stay calm.

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