The Best Bedroom Decorating Trends in 2019

Your bedroom is the most intimate room in your home, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to turn it into an oasis of calmness and comfort. And in case you’re planning on making some changes in your bedroom in 2019, here are some trends and tips to guide you.

1. Give your bedroom a theme

When you want to do some stress-free remodelling in your bedroom, but you lack inspiration, come up with a theme and start from there. If you have a certain style in mind, it will be much easier to select colours, furniture style and accessories to decorate it to the best of your abilities. For example, you can go for the vintage appearance by choosing classic furniture or turning your bedroom into a chic one with some intentional and carefully planned mess.

A minimal design with just one flashy piece, such as a chandelier or a big lamp could also work. In case you opt for surrealism, you’ll want to mix some extraordinary furniture with various materials and wild and unusual patterns and colour combinations.

As far as dramatic look goes, you just need to add some dark and extravagant elements. For instance, use upholstered bed frame, plush curtains and blankets to add some sensuality to the place.

2. Sleep comfortably

As beautiful as you want to make your bedroom, make sure you’re guided by the thought that it’s primarily the place you want to get some sound sleep in. For this reason, you should make your bed the main feature and the focal point of the room.

First of all, you should choose a quality bed to provide you with good lumbar support for restful and uninterrupted sleep every night. Look for a good bed sale and find anything from upholstered bed frames and those with custom storage to spring plush and memory foam mattresses in various sizes and make sure your bedroom is equipped with the best bed you can find.

Also, good pillows are just as important as the bed itself, since they support your neck while you sleep. Get several of them in various sizes, as they also serve a decorative purpose. Your bedding should be tasteful and lavish, while you can make a statement with an interesting headboard or a canopy in luxurious materials.

3. Your walls, your rules

There are several wall-related trends for the year ahead of us. One of them is using wallpaper to make your bedroom look stylish. However, you have to be careful with the choice of pattern, since some of the most common wallpaper designs can actually make your bedroom look smaller and more crowded. Instead, choose bright designs and patterns which have fewer, but bigger geometrical shapes or floral motifs.

Having concrete walls and combining them with light-coloured contemporary furniture will make for a nice combination of the wall’s roughness with the tenderness of the furniture pieces. Bricked or tiled walls are also a possibility, but you’ll have to be careful to combine them with brownish colours and mostly metallic furniture to achieve industrial look.

Finally, a padded wall will be a good substitute for the lack of a headboard on your bed.

4. Let art speak for you and to you

Decorating your walls with art will allow you to express your own temperament. It’s as simple as hanging the artwork you love, but not too many, since you want to avoid the cluttered appearance. In fact, just one statement piece can be enough, especially for smaller rooms. And other than mirrors, which can be hung or simply leaned against a wall to make your bedroom look bigger, there is another trend to consider this year.

Although most people will only consider chalkboard walls for children’s rooms, they have found their place in quite a few grown-up bedrooms as well. This is especially convenient if you’re artistic and are prepared to draw new things every week or so. In case your walls are white and your furniture is of light colors, you can choose vibrant and colorful art pieces to make the room more cheerful.

5.Lighting is key

When it comes to lighting in your room, it should be in accordance with your personality, but changeable to fit your mood on any given day. If you only have one overhead light, this will be difficult to achieve, but if you add some accent lights, a lamp or two and make good use of natural light, you’ll be able to create any kind of atmosphere in your bedroom.

If you’re a keen reader, you’ll benefit from a table lamp or a wall sconce above your bed. If you like to be surrounded by luxury, choose an opulent chandelier as the main lighting feature. You can also use curtains of various colors and thickness to control the natural light coming into your bedroom, so that you can either block it when you want to sleep, or let it in during the day for a boost of optimism.

Following trends is a great thing, but feeling safe and cozy in your bedroom is the most important goal for you to achieve. So, let your own esthetic sense lead you towards the best décor solution.

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