15 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials For Women

We binge-watch YouTubers and drool over how fashionistas pose away, casually slaying their outfits. They look yummy, effortless, and oh so chic! But when they come to break down their outfits through their interviews or videos for us, it is always that there exists essential or staple items standing out. This mundane item is what holds and pieces together their whole ensemble. This crucial yet basic element is commonly tagged as ‘wardrobe essentials.’

Why Do We Need Wardrobe Essentials?

Uh yeah. Duh! Just as impossible as having a building without foundation, similarly, you ought to have basic building blocks to oomph up your wardrobe. It is mandatory to move from fundamental to excessive. Plus, these essentials will most prove their worth in winters when the layering trend strikes. Not to forget, combining basic pieces can make you look elegant and well-styled. Let’s jump into it right away.

15 Must have Wardrobe Essentials For Women.

1. A Well-Fitted Pair of Denim Jeans and Shorts

Denim never goes out of fashion. Moreover, they resurface now and then. These days the current ones are rocking the market, and those curves are the high-rise denim. High-rise denim looks fabulous with any pair of tops or jumper. Whatever denim you prefer, high rise or mid-waist, invest in a good pair and those that flatter your body. If you are going for that 90s vibe, just like helix piercings, high-rise jeans and shorts are the way to go. Pick a pair or two in your favorite color and relish it forever.

2. Plain White and Black T-shirt

A plain white and a plain black T or shirt is a binding element of a wardrobe to begin with. It is a clamp that fastens your wardrobe together. A T-Shirt or a shirt is like a spice you can add to any dish. White and black are attractive colors to style up and accessories for any occasion. Pair them with jeans, trousers, or shorts, or tuck in with a skirt you are sure to turn heads.

3. A Pair of Boots

Boots instantly spark up a yearning to enjoy winter snow. A chic’s wardrobe is rudimentary if not comprised of a pair of boots. Putting them together with cute little shorts and a top is another way to style them for summer. Whatever boot length you fancy, invest in a decent pair. Boots already are a little pricey, to begin with. Spend some extra if you can and search for fine-quality ones.  

4. Flats 

Obviously, you will not be wearing high-heeled footwear wherever you go unless you are Gloria from Modern Family. Treat yourself with decent flat footwear for casual strolls, supermarket runs, and office errands, the list is endless. Decide in accordance with the color of clothes in your wardrobe as to what shade of flat shoes you should buy. There are huge selections, ranging from flip-flops to sneakers to ballet pumps to mules to loafers to gladiator sandals. We will surely provide you with an exhaustive list!

5. Foxy LBD 

Don’t fuss over it. LBD stands for Little Black Dress. It is the sexiest and most glamorous piece of clothing your wardrobe will be privileged to hang. 

A little black dress is a wardrobe masterpiece essential for any party and will do wonders if you aim to make a statement.

6. Dainties Matter

Your most intimate piece of clothing is your dainties or lingerie to be plain. Whatever brand or kind of lingerie works for you should be in your wardrobe in a minimum of two colors—a light-shaded one for under your light or sheer clothing and a darker-toned one for the dark ones. Apart from fashion, your lingerie should first be about personal hygiene and fit you like a glove. 

7. The Crisp White Shirt

A white button-up shirt is a wardrobe basic that anyone needs in their closet. They are versatile and can be styled with any outfit style.

8. The Sneaker casuals

Sneakers are a pair of functional and aesthetically pleasing trainers that can be paired up with any style casual or formal.

9. The Classic Striped Tee

For 160 years, the French navy has had this particular stripe in its official day-to-day attire. The style has long been a symbol of timeless French fashion. It continues to be a very important element across many Vogue editor’s closets, even if you don’t have an affinity for the seafaring lifestyle.

10. The Tailored Trouser

Relaxed trouser is key when it comes to effortless dressing, and they make any outfit look good, especially when you have the right color. 

11. Silk Scarf

Make sure you have a scarf in your wardrobe, as it can be used to dress up a simple outfit and will go with many different outfit options. A silk scarf can be used to add color to a hair bun, as a necklace, as a belt or purse accent, or anywhere else in the wardrobe.

12. Hoops and Studs

The search for the right-sized hoop is over. Gold hoops are low-key enough but work well for any occasion.

13. The Goes-With-Everything Belt

You don’t have to cash out more than a paycheck on quality accessories. Its textured leather is classy and has an elegant gold buckle that is both subtle and stylish.

14. The Classic Crossbody Sling Bag

A stylish, versatile bag that can fit everything is necessary for any woman. A black leather bag with gold embellishments feels both modern and classic simultaneously.

15. Pendant

You can pick an unexpected accessory for your neck, like a Heart pendant necklace that is both flattering and substantive. You can also get one with inherent meaning or that you happen to fancy.

A Tip

A Cardinal point to note when revamping or buying for your closet is to go with what feels best to you. Shop according to yourself. Do not imitate what others are buying just because it is trending. A bodycon dress may not flatter you like a skater’s dress. Pick the size and color that accentuates your assets and is comfortable at the same time.

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