• Educationreasons why students fail exams

    20 Reasons Why Students Fail Exams

    Every student’s aim is to pass their exams with the highest marks possible. And to attain this aim, everyone tries their best by putting in all the effort. But still, sometimes, students end up getting less marks or failing exams. One thing we need to always remember is that ups and downs are a part of life. It means that…

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  • Education

    Are New Teaching Methods Changing The Face Of Education?

    Introduction New teaching methods have seen a sudden rise in their popularity. While the traditional methods focus on just knowledge transmission, the latest teaching methods assess if the students have actually gained something from it. In order to keep students up-to-speed with current affairs, boost retention and encourage problem-solving different teaching methods can be mixed. This mixed-method approach can aggregate…

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  • Facts

    Is Yemen On The Verge Of Being Wiped Out?

    We live in a world with 195 countries, and some of them are flourishing day by day. With a low yet stable economic rate, blooming technology, and improving living conditions, countries like India still go under situations that are hard to overcome. We overlook the small countries that cry for help, and all their voices go unheard. Yemen is one…

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  • FactsEducating Children From The Back Of A Donkey

    Educating Children From The Back Of A Donkey

    DO YOU KNOW A HERO? To the unaccustomed eye, a man toting 120 books while riding a stubborn donkey would seem nothing short of a circus spectacle. But for hundreds of children in the rural villages of Colombia, Luis Soriano is far from a clown. He was an unemployed Spanish teacher in rural La Gloria Colombia Concerned that his students had…

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