The Sweater Weather: How to stay Healthy and Active during Fall

Summer has passed and the weather is getting colder by the day. However, this does not mean that we should remain indoors until the end of fall.

Yes, we can no longer go to the seaside and surf all day, but there are other sets of activities that we can do. Staying active and healthy is around the year effort. Physical activity is the key to inner happiness, so we shouldn’t decrease exercise during the colder seasons such as fall or winter. There are hundreds of activities we might undertake, so we chose a few of the easiest ones to get started with.

Regular Exercise

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The end of the holiday season means that the number of scheduled tasks increases significantly. If you have children then the start of school means that those couple of free hours you had during the summer are long gone. Still, your weekly itinerary should allow enough time for regular physical exercise.

The intensity of the training season can be moderate. It can consist of a morning jog through the park or an hour of aerobics or weightlifting after work every other day. Whatever your workout consists of, make sure you exercise regularly.

Failing to do so will put your health in jeopardy. You were more active during the summer so a sudden stop of all activities cannot be good for your body’s metabolism.

Strengthen the Immune System

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The weather in October and November can be quite tricky, as cold spells are often followed by warm days with plenty of sunlight. This is perfect for the spreading of airborne viruses. Flu season reaches its peak at the beginning of fall, so be ready to apply countermeasures. The last thing you need is a fever and a pesky cough to stop you from working out. The immune system must be kept in excellent condition. Firstly, the food you eat should be rich in vitamins and nutrients.

These are predominantly found in fresh fruits and vegetables which can be purchased at the local greenmarket. Secondly, sleep is especially important since this is the actual time your organism recuperates and prepares for the hardships of a working day.

Maintaining a normal sleep cycle of around 7 hours a night contributes to a strong immune system. On the other hand, not enough sleep can lead to increased stress levels that will make you prone to all kinds of disease.

A Healthy Diet

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You might have noticed by now that overall health and exercise go hand in hand with proper food intake. The right diet will provide you with enough energy to stay active throughout the day. As in the case of regular exercise, time is a limiting factor.

That is why many people decide to order food and sign up for a food delivery program, rather than prepare it themselves. This too is a valid option, under the condition that these home delivered meals are rich in nutrients. Such meals are ready to eat immediately and are rich in proteins. A swift solution for an active diet during a slow season of the year.

Fall Cleaning

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Although spring cleaning is more popular, fall is also a season that requires a cleaning overhaul. Since you need exercise, this is the perfect opportunity to get it and do something useful for everybody living under the same roof as you. Start from inside the house by deep-cleaning each room and changing the furnace filter, or cleaning the chimney if you have one.

Don’t forget to check if your house is safe against the elements. Change any cracked or missing caulk around the doors and windows. This will probably require you to go to the hardware store, so you will have plenty of useful stuff to do in your free time.

The outside of the house should be maintained as well. Don’t be lazy and get the ladder to check if your gutter is free from heaps of leaves and other kinds of debris. If you have a garden, tend to it by planting new species or trimming the branches of trees. All the chores done around the garden are part of the overall preparation for the onset of winter.

Fall Festivals

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As people move back into urban settlements returning from their holidays,  the number of local festivals rise. Check the community’s and the municipality’s website to find out what is happening around you. If there is a good gig near you, drive there to listen to your favorite band.

After all, you have to wind off during fall as well. If you have a family, then look if the fair is in town and take the kids to it. You can plan a whole day of carnival ground fun for your loved ones. This will keep you active and more importantly, it will put a smile on your face.

Admittingly, fall is a slow season, but you can turn this to your benefit. Let festina lente, or “make haste slowly,” be your credo this fall!

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  1. Many people now are active at home doing things they haven’t done before, perhaps the house is as clean as ever, doing DIY projects, exercise, renovation or playing with the pets. Stay healthy!


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