Best Ways to Stay Stylish as a Senior

Who says getting older means losing your fashion sense? Just because you have lived more years and learned more about the world doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with style. There are plenty of stereotypes about the kind of clothes older people wear—much in the same way as there are stereotypes about every age group and their fashion tastes. However, growing older doesn’t need to get in the way of you expressing yourself through your clothes and appearance. Here are the best ways to stay stylish in your senior years.

Trust Your Taste

Remember that fashion and style are slightly different concepts. Fashion is about creating, observing, and predicting trends within an industry and art form, whereas style is about expressing yourself through your appearance. It can be fun to use fashion as style inspiration, but ultimately your own personal tastes should have the final say about what you do and don’t want to wear. Even if a particular style becomes fashionable, don’t feel obliged to agree with the fashion experts. Instead, focus on the elements of style that you value most. Do you prioritize comfort? Function? Originality?

Find Inspiration

If you were never particularly interested in fashion or style until recently, it can feel as if you are arriving late to the party. This doesn’t have to be the case. Find someone who has a sense of style you admire and try to figure out what exactly it is that you are drawn to. Is it the colors? The quality of the material? The confidence they exude? Whether it’s a celebrity, a family member, or someone you met at one of the Signature Care Homes, pay attention to people you see as style icons and analyze your perspective.

Ignore the Rules

As with any art form, fashion has its own classics, originators, critics, and trail-blazers. This comes with a lot of contradictory and confusing messages about what you should and shouldn’t wear when you become a certain age. Forget these rules. As long as you dress appropriately for the climate and the law, what you put on your body has nothing to do with anyone else. If you feel like wearing the latest trainers or form-fitting clothes, don’t let the opinions of other people prevent you from enjoying your own sense of style. What matters most is your happiness and comfort.

Reflect On Your Past Style

When you look back at photos of yourself as a younger person, do you admire the bravery in your outfits and haircuts, or do you wish you had tried a different look? Did you feel like you made the most out of your figure or nails or hair? Do you regret not wearing more daring clothing? Whatever your answer to these questions, use your past self as inspiration for your current self. If you love how you dressed in your twenties, revive that style and break out your old wardrobe favorites. If you wish you had been more bold, use this as your opportunity to take fashion risks and live without regrets.

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