Out With The Old In With The New – Redecorate Your Home For 2020

Saying new year new me is not the only resolution we should make. We should definitely work on our personality. But we should also make a New Year resolution regarding the interior and exterior of our home. 

We can take on a few home improvement projects that will improve our home’s curb appeal and make the interior warm and inviting. So let’s purge the exterior and interior of our house and improve the quality of our life.

The Interior

You just have to add a few new things that won’t break the bank but will surely amplify your house interior and beautify your home.

Something Blue

blue details in a home

The Pantone Colour Of The Year is always an endless source of inspiration. This year everything is about the beautiful shade of blue known as the Classic Blue. You’ll be seeing this lovely shade everywhere – from accent walls, furniture to kitchen cabinets. Since we are all about taking something out and bringing something new this year, use Classic Blue as an inspiration and change one thing into this color. You can paint the kitchen ceiling into this shade or dress up your bed in classic blue linens. Alternatively, you can change something you have that is a shade of gray with a piece that is the shade of blue. It appears that shades of grey are so last decade. 

Antique Details

Antique details are all the rage in 2020 because they tell their own story in a way. Carefully curated pieces bring a certain charm and make your interior unique. Take a walk to the nearest flea market find some antique pieces of art that will elevate your decor. An antique mirror frame will work too. If you don’t have a mirror in your living room and you also wish to improve the energy flow invest in a decorative mirror. Position it wisely so it reflects the natural light and makes the room look larger. For more light, place it to the opposite side of the window. 

Mix Textures

mix textures in your home

Another simple change that will wow your guests when they see what you did with the place is mixing textures. This simple change adds depth to the room and turns something plain into something interesting. For example, instead of having the same textured furniture go for a sofa in one color and armchair in another. If this is a big hit to your budget, you can just cover a chair in a decorative cover and position some cushions over it to create a layered look. Just play with different shades and textures to create the look that makes the room look warm, unique and inviting.

The Exterior

Focus on the things that improve the appearance of your house and create a safe place to live in.

The Roof

The roof is something many homeowners overlook to check until there’s an issue. If over the past year you’ve just replaced missing shingles and sealed a few cracks, you should work on fixing these issues so you won’t have them in the long run. Give your roof a close inspection and then consult with MLR Slate Roofing to find the right solution and pick the best material for your roof. A quality roof improves your curb appeal instantly and will keep the heat in during the colder months. Having an energy-efficient roof will reduce your utility bills and have a positive impact on the environment. For more roofing guide check, The Everyman’s Guide To Repairing Any Roof.

Splash Of Color

Painting your house is the easiest way to bring novelty into your life as it feels like you just bought a new one. Over time the paint gets worn out and stressed due to different weather conditions. The time has an impact as well so if it’s been a while since you last had a paint job, you should consider it as well.

A simple paint job can turn a shabby looking house into a luxurious place. Pick a color you’ve always wanted to try and turn it into a DIY project if you have time. 

Lush Greenery

One of the ways to revive a boring looking exterior is to add a bit of greenery to it. You can turn your small backyard into an oasis of calm right in the middle of a city. Various potted plants, lush plants, blooming flowers, and a maintained lawn can beautify your entire house. You can even turn this into a family activity and plant flowers together. Everyone will enjoy the scenery once everything turns green. This is a fun way of making your house look updated in the new year so practice your gardening skills.

Once you select the steps you plan to take, you will improve the way your house feels on the inside and looks on the outside. A few novelties will replace those outdated things and improve your living in 2020.

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