Denmark Is The Happiest Country In The World, And Rightly So!

Happiest Country In The World

In violent and unstable times, with corruption and power games are the trend, some countries in the world have managed to retain their peace. In March 2016, the United Nations published the World Happiness Report, and Scandinavian countries topped their list. U.N.crowned Denmark as the happiest country in the world.

The World Happiness Report used indicators of ‘life-satisfaction’ to rank 157 countries’ happiness levels. Besides Denmark, countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Finland also topped the list.

These indicators were not limited to economic prosperity, but they also included factors such as life expectancy, social support, freedom to make life choices, and an environment of generosity.

Let us know why it is the happiest country in the world:

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  • An average person in Denmark lives up to 80 years! 
  • Denmark has found a spot in the top 10 countries in the world in the World Economic Forum’s annual report that measures gender equality. Moreover, Denmark’s current Prime Minister is Helle Thorning-Schmidt- a woman.
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  • Denmark is also one of the most environment-friendly nations as well. The most populated city in the country-Copenhagen is also the least polluted as more than 50% of the transport consists of bicycles! No wonder the Danes have an amazing life expectancy now, is it?
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  • People of Denmark embrace Hygge in the dark wintery days to avoid sadness and depression. In Denmark, Hygge is a ritual that means cherishing life simple pleasures- that include family and friends. Danes celebrate small happy moments with chocolate, cocoa, coffee or wine. So, the best part about being a Dane is also the sweetest!
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  • Hygge suggests that people in Denmark feel responsible for one another, and most of them have a family member or a friend to turn to in times of trouble. In a world where even the closest people to us can turn into a stranger in a minute, Denmark upholds its sense of social support by never leaving a loved one desolate in despair.
  • According to World Giving Index, a whopping 67% of Danes have helped a stranger in the last month and around 20% of them are involved in charity work!
  • Denmark’s government also earned a “very clean” rating on Corruption Perception Index last year. India, you have some political goals to achieve!
  • Anyone who has ever visited Denmark knows how mesmerizing it is! How can a country so gorgeous not be happy?

Danes live longer, they help each other out in dire times, cherish even the smallest blessing life offers them and care about their environment as well. Indeed, the crown is on the right head. Way to go Denmark!

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