Know About The Amazing Fashion Trends Of Autumn-Winter

New York, London, Milan and Paris, cities that witness fashion week every season by the big giants of the fashion mill. These aren’t just trends or colours or silhouettes, this your fashion bible for the next six months. This becomes the inevitable future of fashion. The Autumn-winter fashion week trends seem to make great news around the world, and yes, for your wardrobe too.

Why? Well, rather than the traditional method of one style being “out” while another is deemed “in,” designers have broken down the boundaries of what can be considered of-the-moment. Many trends are slamming their third or fourth winter season in their favour and still doing great. The new age fashion policy doesn’t include just style.

Rather it has style as its main course and comfort on the side. These A/W 17 styles will make you go on that shopping spree you’re all going regret later, but hey, deep inside we know it was worth it.

Key Fashion Trends of Autumn/winter’


I don’t remember the last time denim was NOT in fashion. They’re like oxygen is to humans, invisible but essential. This is the year people to revamp your Denim style. Additional pockets, appliqués or different washes just give another life to that ordinary old cloth and stitches. Unlike a pair of jeans or jacket being the only option for us in types of denim, it has come back this season in multiple avatars.

denim dress

Wear denim in the form of an A-line dress, those fringed/faded/withered hems and knees or just about any part of a pair of jeans can be made look really stylish. You are personally customising it just makes it one-of-its kind and showcases your personality in it.

Volume/Bell Sleeves

Sleeves come in as many variations as Kylie’s hair colours. They could be long, short, puff, cap but our latest love is for those beautiful Volume/ Bell Sleeves that are as chic as they come. Volume sleeves have brought the retro era back to life. Add these sleeves to dress, and you’ve got the perfect bohemian look. The ideal material for such sleeves would be light weight soft fabrics like viscose. TEXTURAL / SOFT TOUCH structures add subtle interest to bases. With finely textured detail important for the A/W 17/18 season, subtle hand-felt textures on smooth, soft bases add sheen and luxurious look to the garment.

Asymmetric Ruffles

Asymmetry is the new black. It’s undoubtedly fun and a treat for the eyes. A blouse with an asymmetry ruffle is the answer to all our I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear problems. They add that extra oomph to your outfit, and once you wear them, no one is ignoring YOU in that party girl.

asymmetric dress-min

Ruffles are never over or under, and they’re just perfect in any amount. The perfect ruffle look flows from your shoulders to your under arms, around the neckline or extends to the waist to give the hem a fuller look.

Snuggly Textures

plunged maxi dress

Inspired by the dark forests, jerseys and knits take on gorgeous winter textures creating a fashion-forward look. Fresh terry looks are set up with new, Seb, or Maxim yarns in cotton and linen, sometimes with printed elements.

The Plunged Neckline Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses give a sleek, elegant silhouette and are a wardrobe staples during the spring and summer in UAE. These maxi dresses can also be worn during the winter too. That’s what’s so great about them – they’re versatile and easy to style with anything. Fabrics like Liva Crème satin are smooth, feel soft, and gives a premium look that is perfect for such outfits.

maxi dress

If you didn’t buy one yet, you need to for this autumn/winter, as Girl! It’s time you show off those hours you spent at the gym. You can make it more appealing by adding open back details, or if you’re out for a good night, front or back slits, strap details and a fitted waist, these styles are your saviours.

Formal Dressing

formal dressing jumpsuit

Presented in a more premium direction and natural textures like the twilled produce. Fabrics like gabardine (fabric made from wool that has an organic recovery, meaning that it is resilient and quickly returns to its natural shape) and herringbone weaves (one with the distinguished V-shaped pattern) are elevated through newer textures for a grittier urban look. The look is formal yet gives a feminine touch.

Tuxedo Dress

These shows just the right amount of skin, making you look subtly sexy. Classic tuxedo style jacket is inspired with a fluid attribute. It has slight straight shoulders and shaped/cinched waist. It’s tough to find a pair of retro trousers that are classy enough for the daywear, casual enough for a night out, comfortable enough to keep on, and sleek enough to want to wear.


It gives a slim look with slightly wide hemline, accompanied by slanted pockets at side seams. These SKINNY POST – RETRO Trousers hit on all four of those aspects at the same time. You can pair these with a polo, tank top or cape shirt to attain maximum curb appeal. The Boxy pencil skirt with Front slit should be sported when you want to look modern and a little bit edgy, patched pockets and seam stitch details being the key. It is one of the new “it” styles for Autumn Winter.

Bell Bottom Trousers

trousers bell bottom

It’s tough to find a pair of pants that are classy enough for daywear, casual enough for a night out, comfortable enough to keep on, and sleek enough to show off those curves. These slim POST – RETRO Trousers are checks out on all the four of these aspects at the same time. It gives a slim look with that slightly wide hemline, accompanied by slanted pockets on the sides. You can pair these with a polo, tank top or a shirt to attain maximum appeal.

Boxy Pencil Skirt

boxy skirts

With a front slit is the go-to formal attire. It can be sported when you want to look modern but a little bit edgy at the same time. With patched pockets and seam stitch details being the key, they’re one of the new “it” styles for Autumn Winter.

The Autumn-winter season is around the corner, and there is no time for pondering. Get up and going, those dresses are not going to buy themselves.

Image source: LIVA 

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