Great Fitness Activities To Get Even The Lazy Girl Moving

Physical activity is gaining more and more well-deserved popularity today, although it was always stressed as an important part for a healthy life. While some age may require that you take physical activity seriously, it’s actually recommended to do it regardless. Based on the World Health Organization, 30 minutes per day of moderate exercise is enough, although it doesn’t all have to be in the gym.

But choosing a place where you will exercise is not so serious issue, as is the willingness to start your activity in the first place. You may feel too tired or insecure, but in the end, that is just your lazy voice prevailing and you have to find a way to silence it. So, here are some great fitness activities that will get even the lazy girl moving.

Go on a hike with friends


Hiking doesn’t have to be a severe activity, but rather an enjoyable walk with friends in nature. It’s important to set the pace right from the start and take it slow, especially if you are not fit or in the mood for more serious physical activity. There are many hiking trails in national parks since this is a very popular outdoor activity, as well as an active holiday in demand.

Put on hiking shoes, wear comfortable clothes and don’t forget to drink enough water. This is a perfect way to see your friends, catch up and still stay healthy. You can also go on solo hikes, which is a good way to clear your head and de-stress.   

Night swimming at the pool


Instead of going to swim during the day, try a more relaxed option and go for night swimming at the city pool. Girls avoid swimming because they feel insecure about their bodies and feel scrutinized by their peers, but if you can’t pass over that – don’t deprive yourself of a nice dip.

Also, the pools are less visited and much less crowded so you can swim without having to avoid people or shorten your laps. Not to mention that swimming is perfect for posture, involves all muscles and will relieve you from the tension created by stress. Three times a week is a good start, and soon enough you will get used to it and start going every day.

Roller skate in the summer

roller skating

Roller skating is a perfect exercise for all those who think that they are not in shape.  It is both a physical activity and a fun one.  Mind you, this is also a sport, it has been featured in pop-cultures since the 1980s. No matter the type of shoes you choose, roller skating will burn about 240 calories in half an hour. It is also good for the joints.

However, you must wear protective gear for elbows, knees, and head, as well as gloves since you can easily get injured if you fall. Just like skateboards are trendy again, so are the roller skates. Therefore, besides getting your dose of physical activity you will also be one of the trendsetters.   

Cycling in nature


Cycling in urban places is not only boring but you will have to pay a lot of attention to the traffic and the pedestrians. This is really annoying and can take away the pleasure of riding a bike. It can also impair exercise. Going to a national park or outside of town to cycle is the best choice to get moving.

Riding a bike is a great outdoor activity that will combine sightseeing in beautiful landscapes and moderate to severe physical exercise. Choose reliable mountain bike pedals, tires, and frames to ensure a comfortable and safe ride, especially through demanding terrains. Cycling engages all major muscle groups so you will get your daily fitness and a relaxing day in nature at the same time.

Kayaking on the lake


Kayaking is a sport that you can indulge in, at the river or the sea. The best way to start is on the lake if you have that option. This is because waters with currents will require more upper-arm strength and maneuvering. However, if you choose kayaking, you will be in for a treat since this is an amazing experience.

This workout is excellent for cardiovascular health, it will regulate your cholesterol levels and keep you fit. Choose a place where you can kayak to the middle of the lake and make a break so you can enjoy the landscapes in the surroundings.  Don’t consider kayaking as something hard. Rather, consider it an activity that will give you a great workout and also relax your mind.


It’s completely understandable to be a lazy girl when it comes to exercising.  But it’s also something you can change and benefit from it as well. Besides toning your muscles and being physically active, you will also have fun doing fitness activities. And that is a perfect combination to keep you interested and healthy.

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