Getting Into Exercise: 6 Tips For First-Time Fitness Moms

The first month of the new year is the time when people make alk kinds of lifestyle changes. One of these is certainly getting back to your fitness regime or taking it up for the first time as well. People are driven by the premise new year new me so they decide to start. But, what if you are a newbie and don’t really know how to commit to it in the long run? This is also difficult for first-time fitness moms because they have to find the time and remain motivated. The following tips will set your mindset for success and help you along your fitness journey.

Make a commitment to yourself

woman streching on a yoga mat

If you’ve decided to exercise at least three times a week, write down these dates into your weekly plan. Make a commitment to yourself and treat your workout dates like the most important work meetings. There’s no way you can skip them so treat your workouts as such. Since mom’s life is unpredictable, try to be as flexible as you can.

For example, if you have to drive your kid to a last-minute birthday and you skip the gym, try working out early that day. Or, work your schedule around your children’s schedules so you can fit that workout in your day no matter what. Commit to this goal and don’t let anything ruin your commitment. Just learn how to be flexible.

Take baby steps

When you start small, you learn how to adjust your regular routine so you have the time to do something new. Newbie fitness enthusiasts are advised to take small steps and make every workout count. Don’t push yourself too hard and too soon because you’re too eager to achieve results. Commit to your post pregnancy workout regime for a week and aim to be as active as you can throughout your day.

Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Invite your family to join you for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. Go hiking with the family or even have dance parties with your kids whenever you feel like doing something less-sedentary. Add more movement to your every day, commit to your workout schedule and these small daily steps will get you to your goal.

Find a class that motivates you

woman working out with equipment pilates

You have to enjoy the activity to stay committed. Finding the right fitness class will keep you motivated. If you’ve never exercised before, any group fitness class can work for you. But, you have to start at the right level. A beginner’s fitness class like pilates can slowly ease you into exercise. It will work on your core which is important for moms who recently gave birth and improve your posture and strength. It also reduces stress and anxiety and helps moms be happier and more positive. Precision, alignment, control, and flow are just some of the key principles of pilates that might be the reason to start this exercise regime.

Use playtime for at-home workout sessions

Working out at home is always an option for those days when you can’t make it to a pilates class or the gym. If your kid has a scheduled playdate at home, so you skip your workout, work out at home instead. You can still watch over kids playing, while you go through a whole-body workout. Squats, lunges, pushups and situps are the easiest exercises that target the whole body. You can think of your own exercise routine or find one online and push your limits. It’s all about being flexible and creative and not limiting yourself in any way.

Have realistic expectations

There is probably at least one reason for starting the fitness journey. You’ve set a goal and you want so bad to achieve it. You have to be aware that it’s not a sprint but a long run. Therefore, you have to pace yourself and be accountable for each meal, snack and missed workout. 

If you are not committed fully and accountable for your actions, you will lose motivation because the end goal isn’t in sight. That’s why you have to set realistic expectations and do your best to stay committed to the regular exercise regime, clean diet and stay patient. 

Join an online community for the support system

Find a group of fitness moms online so you’ll learn additional time management tricks. They will also motivate you when you feel like giving up. You can even make friends and become each other’s accountability buddies.

Changes are difficult but these obstacles are just in your head. Start small, one day at a time, one workout at a time and you’ll easily make it and achieve your fitness goals. 

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