11 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Future Travel

Travelling feels like a distant dream at this very moment. But, dreams do come true if you’re patient enough. The same goes for our travel plans. If you’ve had a trip coming up like many of us did, but unfortunately had to cancel, there are still some things you can do now to plan future travel amid the crisis. 

11 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Future Travel

1. Stay Positive

Stay Positive
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Even though some of our plans got cancelled, postponed, or are definitely out of the picture, we still need to keep our calm. Stressing over cancelled plans is like crying over spilled milk. There’s nothing we can do currently except stay safe and wait. Maintaining a positive attitude is essential now. Things will go back to normal at some point and we’ll all go back to our travelling plans.

Unfortunately, we can’t travel now, but there are still some travel-related things all of us can do to pass the time and feed our restless urge to travel. Worrying only causes frown lines so it’s up to us to stop the negative feelings flooding our spirit.

2. Write A Travel Bucket List

Write A Travel Bucket List
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If you were supposed to be travelling now, but you had to cancel your flight and plans, you can still do something travel related. Sit down and write a bucket list for future travel. This list is basically like your regular bucket list: watch a sunrise, adopt a stray dog and all other things a regular person wants to experience once in their lifetime.

The travel bucket list consists of things you can do during your travels: swim with sharks, visit Petra, ride a camel, drink wine in Australia, see Northern Lights and so on. Each day you can spend an hour researching the most amazing things one can do all over the world. You can even make this a group thing where each one of your friends suggests one amazing place to visit. You can discuss this destination via Zoom call and have a bit of a geography lesson while you sip a coffee and socialize along the way.

3. Make A Visual Board

Make A Visual Board
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You can level up your travel bucket list by making a visual travel board. You can use the concept of making vision boards and make your own travel vision board. Take a look at your travel bucket list, take the top 10 destinations and find the photos online. These photos should depict each one of these destinations or activities you can do while visiting them.

Use Pinterest to pin all of them into your own unique vision board. You can collect all the necessary pieces of information and keep them all in one place. Revisit them once the time comes to pack your luggage and go and cross one item off of your travel bucket list. Making a travel vision board will be another way to pass the time an a creative way while you’re in lockdown.

4. Explore Virtual Tours

Explore Virtual Tours
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Staying home means that you need to be creative with your time. Exploring the world is also an option if you’re creative enough. Virtual tours are just a few clicks away from you. There are many virtual tours you can watch online and get the travel experience your heart desires. These tours may even give you an idea of where to travel next. Once you finish watching them, you can turn to Google Earth and explore them from a different point of view.

5. Check Your Documents

Check Your Documents
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If you plan to travel locally, you’ll just need your ID. But if you plan on going abroad, your passport must be up to date. Check all your documents to see if they are up to date. If the expiration date is less then seven months, you’re advised to sign up for renewal. Bear in mind that if you currently have seven months until it expires, but you hope to embark on a travel journey in two months, you still have to renew it. You’re also advised to make copies of your documents and keep them as a reserve in your luggage.

6. Start Saving Money

Start Saving Money
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Sit down and write a list of things you did before the crisis began. If these activities cost you money like having drinks with a friend, going to the gym, hairstylist, write down your usual expenses, some it all up and put that money aside. Just act like you spent that money already and redirect it into the future travel funds. You’ll end up with a lot of money which you can continue saving until the lockdown ends. After this all has passed, you’ll probably have more than enough to book your next trip.

7. Watch A Lot Of Foreign Movies

Watch A Lot Of Foreign Movies
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If France, Italy, Sweden, and Australia are among your top 5 destinations you want to visit this year, you can prepare in advance in a creative way. Watch a lot of foreign movies in order to listen to the language, get familiar with the culture and learn about cities you want to visit. When it comes to watching things in English, focus on travel documentaries and travel TV shows. These will also be inspirational and educational. You may learn a lot about the most popular sights, cuisine, and rules of conduct while you watch these travel shows.

8. Spin The Globe And Start Researching

Spin The Globe And Start Researching
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Since you’ve written down the top five places to visit, you have to start planning your travel. You can go according to your preferences or test your luck. Spin the globe, close your eyes and stop it with the tip of your finger. Let’s say your finger points to Australia and you’ve always wanted to visit it. Go with your instinct and start researching. If you truly wish to escape and relax, charming Hunter Valley accommodation will be just what your heart desires. The oldest wine region is located just two hours north of Sydney. You can spend your days tasting wine and jump to Sydney one day to experience the coastal metropolis.

9. Who’s Coming With You?

Who’s Coming With You?
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Once you pin down all the details of going to Australia and visiting Hunter Valley, you need to decide who’s coming with. You can go on future travel with your family, friends and go on a solo trip. If being cooped up with your family has drained you of all your energy, it’s completely fine if you decide to travel alone. People who’ve travelled solo said that it has taught them more about themselves and made them braver and stronger. 

Of course, travelling as a team has its benefits as well. You won’t have to take all your travel photos alone, you’ll have someone to do that for you. Joke aside, think who you want to go on a future travel with and let this person in on your plans. Discuss everything with them and make additional plans.

10. Make A Virus Prevention Travel Kit For Future Travels

Make A Virus Prevention Travel Kit For Future Travels
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People won’t be allowed to travel abroad until the crisis has passed. Even so, one can never be careful enough so you should prepare DIY virus prevention essentials. Get yourself a cosmetic bag and fill it with travel-sized hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, antiseptic wipes, and some soap. Include some immune-boosting vitamins like vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D. 

11. Work On Your Stamina – You’ll Need It For Your Travels

Work On Your Stamina - You’ll Need It For Your Travels
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The lack of physical activity has a toll on our health and stamina. The fact that we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean that we can’t work on our stamina and completely lose it. We can still workout at home. You might think that’s easier said than done but you’ll be thankful later when you find yourself taking an unbeaten track and exploring the beautiful sights while you travel. You can jump rope at home, climb the stairs, do HIIT routines along with bodyweight exercises. Just try to exercise five times a week to maintain activity and build your stamina.

Lastly, prepare your wardrobe and update it in time for your future travel. This will save you a lot of time if you decide to take up some last-minute offer once we learn that it is safe to travel. Until we get to see that day, keep yourself busy, healthy, and safe. Your adventure awaits!

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