Mianna Korben

Mianna is a passionate writer currently living and dreaming in Europe. She is a strong believer that both mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. And like any other girl, she is guilty of falling in love, over and over again, with premium makeup, fashion and champagne.
  • TravelThings To Do Now To Prepare For Future Travel

    11 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Future Travel

    Travelling feels like a distant dream at this very moment. But, dreams do come true if you’re patient enough. The same goes for our travel plans. If you’ve had a trip coming up like many of us did, but unfortunately had to cancel, there are still some things you can do now to plan future travel amid the crisis.  11…

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  • Factswoman hosting an online event

    New to Live Online Events? Here’s Your Plan

    Live online events are the perfect way to show your audience you understand their wants and needs. After all, in the age of the internet you know exactly where to find your target audience and how to talk to them. Any company which takes the time to get to know their audience’s turf will quickly become their first choice the…

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  • Factsliving room decor

    Out With The Old In With The New – Redecorate Your Home For 2020

    Saying new year new me is not the only resolution we should make. We should definitely work on our personality. But we should also make a New Year resolution regarding the interior and exterior of our home.  We can take on a few home improvement projects that will improve our home’s curb appeal and make the interior warm and inviting.…

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  • Health and Wellnessfitness mom working out with a dumbell

    Getting Into Exercise: 6 Tips For First-Time Fitness Moms

    The first month of the new year is the time when people make alk kinds of lifestyle changes. One of these is certainly getting back to your fitness regime or taking it up for the first time as well. People are driven by the premise new year new me so they decide to start. But, what if you are a…

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  • Health and Wellnessman walking in the park happy during fall

    5 Ways to Stay Well in Change of Seasons

    Ah, the summer – the time when we embrace lighter clothing, soak up the rays of the sun, swim, and enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Nothing lasts forever and were about to say goodbye to this lovely season. We’re slowly approaching another season, so it’s time to prepare ourselves for fall. The change of season often triggers seasonal depression so…

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