Medical Tests You Need To Get Done – At Every Age

As our age progresses, the risk of catching diseases due to genetic or any other reason snaps in mind. Your doctor may ask you to get some medical tests done. This can either be to confirm a diagnosis or monitor your health. However, these tests should not be restricted to the doctor’s prescription. Here are some medical tests you should get done rendering to your age to be watchful and conscious of your health before the condition turns bad. Also, none of the tests that are written below costs astonishingly high.

1. In the 20s

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  • Excess weight increases your risk for numerous diseases. Getting your BMI checked is a good start to get the measures of your body fat. This will help in determining whether your body is overweight and have a chance of developing obesity or not.
  • Height and weight check-ups.
  • Eye and Dental medical check-up once a year.
  • STD and HIV screening once every two years.

2. In the 30s

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  • Keep in mind your family history of stroke.
  • Blood tests for diabetes, thyroid, and anemia, liver-related issues.
  • Coronary heart disease check-up once every two years.
  • Cholesterol check-up once every five years.

3. In the 40s

  • Cardiovascular evaluation once every five years.
  • Check up for prostate cancer once every year.
  • Blood pressure tests should be done and if it is high, you may require medication to control it.

4. In the 50s

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  • Check up for type two diabetes once every year.
  • Eye and ear check-up once every year.
  • The same blood draw used to measure your cholesterol gives a reading of your triglycerides, it is a type of fat and the higher levels are linked with metabolic syndrome.
  • Medical tests for lipid disorder should be done every year.

5. In the 60s

  • Annual screening for Osteoporosis.
  • Yearly check-up for Dementia and Alzheimer.

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