Dress To Impress – Ways To Choose Proper Clothes For Your Children

Whether you’re travelling with family, taking your kids for a stroll, getting them ready for a playdate, what they wear and whether they’re properly attired, is of high relevance.

It’s not only a matter of your kids looking well put together, although that is important too. After all, if you, as a mom, are dressed well, it’s only natural that you pay attention that your kids are as well.

Aside from their clothes always being fresh, non-stained, and well ironed, when it comes to shopping for items, there are a couple of things to take into consideration, and that is what today is all about. So, join us as we guide you, the stylish mom, towards dressing your kids in a way that reflects your taste and speaks volumes of both you and them.

1. The matter of fit

One of the most common mistakes many parents make is putting their kids in clothes that are either too big or too small. Yes, children grow up incredibly fast, and you will find yourself renewing their wardrobe quite frequently.

However, in an effort to save money, purchasing items that are way too large for them is not the answer. Yes, they will eventually grow into them, but in the meantime, you risk them looking a little sloppy, and that definitely doesn’t go with the ‘dress to impress’ look.

The best thing you can do is buy a garment that is just a tad too big – like one or even half a size. Your kid will be comfortable and look great, and it will also give you a smidge of time before they grow out of that item. Also, make sure you learn to distinguish between 24 months and 2T clothing sizes, and you’ll be good to go.

2. The matter of quality

When it comes to our children’s clothing, we tend to place them in separate laundry baskets, wash them alone, use special laundry detergent, all for the sake of not irritating the gentle skin of a baby, a toddler or even an older child. So, if we do that, it’s only natural that we would want only the finest, healthiest and softest fabrics coming anywhere near their skin.

Comfort comes first, but comfort cannot be achieved without great cotton, bamboo and other amazing and feel-good fabrics. This is precisely why you should be very choosy, and when you scout for great kids boutique clothing, make sure to always check the label and see the composition and care part.

3. Always be aware

As a good mom, you want your kids not only to be stylish and cozy – you also want them to be safe. To that end, it’s paramount, when shopping, to avoid items that have buttons – zippers are way safer, as buttons can get loose and immediately become a choking hazard. Fringed and clothing with strings is another major no-no. Not only fringes are totally out of style, but can be dangerous as well, so just steer clear of them.

Finally, as much as you love your little girl, don’t put her in itchy sequin or tulle dresses – they may look good on the outside, but they are not your child’s friend. Stick to kid-friendly fabrics and let the sequins for when she’s much older.

4. Dress to impress

Now that we have covered the matters of fit, fabric, potential hazards, it’s time to get fashionable. When picking dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, tees, sweaters and virtually anything else that is visible, put yourself in your kids’ shoes. Would you pair those two colours or patterns for your own outfit? If the answer is yes, then go for it. However, never buy anything for your kids that you wouldn’t want to wear if you were that age.

This especially goes for kids who are already in school and kindergarten. You want your kid to essentially be a little stylish version of you – only age-appropriate, so never put them in something ugly, even if it’s made from the finest of fabrics. Kids get teased, so by helping them look cute and just a little sophisticated, you’ve done a good job.

Finally, when it comes to babies and toddlers – remember the golden rule – always one more layer than you as a grown-up are wearing. This is the optimal level of layering for smaller children, and it will enable them to be perfectly comfy and just sufficiently warm and safe.

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