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    Learn these Essential Basic Life Support Tips to Save Lives

    Dead is the permanent cessation of all functions that keep a living organism alive. All the functions of the body are controlled by the brain. Therefore, Basic life support (BLS) knowledge is needed. It is a level of medical care given to victims during life-threatening illnesses until pharmaceutical care at a hospital. It can be administered by skilled medical personnel,…

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  • Health and Wellnessmedical tests

    Medical Tests You Need To Get Done – At Every Age

    As our age progresses, the risk of catching diseases due to genetic or any other reason snaps in mind. Your doctor may ask you to get some medical tests done. This can either be to confirm a diagnosis or monitor your health. However, these tests should not be restricted to the doctor’s prescription. Here are some medical tests you should…

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  • HistoryRoyal Pavilion

    Brighton Royal Pavilion: A Hospital That Nursed Over 43,000 War Soldiers

    Whenever we talk about the First World War, many countries make their way into our minds and tongues. They are Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, France, Russia, The Ottoman Empire, The UK and the US. Brighton Royal Pavilion: A Hospital for the Indian War Soldiers However, there is one country that repeatedly fails to make the list. And that country is none…

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