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The Art Of Manifestation

Have you blown an eyelash off your hand making a wish? Have you thrown a penny into a “make-a-wish” fountain? Have you lifted your legs up over railroads wishing for that one thing? If you answered yes to any, what you have been practicing is called manifestation and there is an art to it.

“Do not die with your music still inside you!”

The law of attraction is the capacity to draw in whatever we are concentrating on in our lives. In essential terms, all thoughts transform into things in the long run and what you center around extends. You generally pull in the individuals, the things, the assets, the resources in concordance with your predominant musings. It implies that your life possibly shows signs of improvement when you improve. For instance, as a sales rep, in the event that you need to expand your deals or you need to build your pay, you will possibly improve that only when you improve.

We desire a lot of things in life. Maybe it is winning the lottery, or finding love, or asking the universe for peace during boisterous times and even better getting that gift you always wanted. Manifestation is the keystone. You are powerful enough to make a connection with the higher order, and once that is made, your desires will crawl into your life. Let’s look at the art of manifestation.

Power of intentions

Power of intentions

“Thoughts are things, as solid as a post or a tree”. What this means is that optimistic thinking brings happiness, love, prosperity, recovery, etc. Your outer physical world is the reflection of your inner self. Your intentions, beliefs, and thoughts have the power to make or break the path you lead in the future. And thus for your intentions to be effective, they need to not only be powerful but also something that totally reflects what you feel.

It’s the intention that reflects what you need and why precisely you need it. depending upon these two components itself would one be able to make certain of the realness of their desires. What is the genuine motivation driving your goal? Setting goals dependent on sentiments of dread or need will just sustain more dread and feeling like you never have enough. Make certain that your intentions come from a position of your self-esteem, love, and the longing to make genuine joy.


As you’ve read that, positive affirmations are the best way to go. Positivity does not equal alignment. A lot of people mix this up by saying that if they are thinking positively about a situation, why isn’t it working? Because maybe there is still a lack of a gap. Maybe you think you are being positive on the outside, but on the inside, you are not aligning with that result. Alignment is the truth. Making yourself comfortable with your desire and your truth is alignment.

For example, you know your name, when you are born, you don’t just positively confirm these things, you know they are the truth. Similarly you need to start feeling the things you want as the truth as a fact. A lot of times feeling positive can give you abundant energy but it doesn’t always work. What always does is the determination, belief, and focus. You not only have to repeat positive statements over and over again but you also have to believe that you are worthy and deserving of the dream that you are seeing.

To believe in believing

In order to manifest your thoughts, you first need to release emotions of doubt. You need to believe that what you are imagining can be a reality, a possibility, and a fact. Energy flows where attention goes. We all play in different scenarios in our head, these can be some past events that haven’t gone as planned or a future event that you desire to flow in a certain way. This is the moment you visualize your wish in action. Believing in the actualization of your intention is the keystone of manifestation. Fake it till you make it.

Ask and you shall receive

Ask and you shall receive

After your mindful and aware of your needs and desires, its time to put it out in the universe. Imagining that it was already the truth. For example, if you desire to find love, your positive affirmation would state something like “I will find love” or “I am deserving of love in my life”. By repeatedly stating these positive affirmations, you set yourself in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

An important step to remember is to never be obsessed with meeting your goals. Letting go is a crucial act attached to manifestation. The universe or the divinity you believe doesn’t work with deadlines. Surrendering and believing that the energy you put forth will be reciprocated is the first step to the law of attraction.

Vision board

Vision board

The best method that solidifies the manifestation into a reality, is by writing it down. Making a vision board- a board that displays images representing whatever you want to be, or of the things you want to accomplish and setting it up next to your bed, on your desktop, or anywhere that will come hit your eyesight during the day, is very beneficial in two ways. The law of attraction proves that your thoughts once occurred and repeated return back like an echo in your life.

Secondly, as a vision board allows your thoughts to have clarity, looking at the board of your goals, you subconsciously start working towards them in simple ways. For example, if you wish to travel to the place of your dreams, say Amsterdam, you will subtly start saving up for the trip even if you have no plans for taking that trip in the near future. In this way, manifestation occurs.

Enjoying the present

the art of manifestation

As important as it is to stay aware and mindful of what your future needs are, it will equally important to live in the present moment. Attaching yourself too much into dreaming about your future will make you miss the present. It is necessary to find a balance and derive a sense of comfort in your today and satisfaction with your tomorrow.

The more you feel like you are fulfilled with living your dreams today, the faster they will manifest in your future. For example, if traveling around the world is your dream, then start exploring your own city. All of these small actions will begin to create a new vibration inside of you, which will in turn attract opportunities for the fulfillment of bigger dreams ahead of you.

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