New York Car Shipping – Options, Costs & More

New York is an attractive travel and relocating destination, drawing travelers and newcomers for work, education and living purposes. If you’re considering a move or even an extended visit, this article has the right information for you.


Shipping your car in New York typically ranges between 40 cents to $2 per mile, but this cost may fluctuate based on factors like your location and type of vehicle. Shipping a vehicle within or out of New York City’s metropolitan area (BK, M, Q & S Islands) typically costs more. Carrier companies may charge extra money if transporting to difficult-to-reach areas like rural locales with poor roads or needing special equipment in order to load onto their trucks.

These services often choose major highways when transporting cars between New York and other states, as they are frequented by many car haulers daily and generally cost less. Vehicle type can have an effect as well; enclosed carriers offer additional protection from weather elements while open carriers might cost less; making enclosed carrier shipping ideal for classic or luxury car owners.

If possible, schedule your shipment at an off-peak season to help bring down overall car shipping costs and save on costs by going with terminal-to-terminal transport, which offers more affordable services.


Your choice of service and where your pick-up and delivery points are situated will have an enormous effect on car transport costs. Door-to-door services tend to be more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping due to carriers traveling through densely populated city streets with narrow streets full of cars and pedestrians – though you can still find reasonable door-to-door rates if you select an experienced carrier in that region.

Consider how the time of year can impact your cost as well. Shipping during off-peak seasons (generally between late fall and early spring) often results in savings, and taking steps such as emptying personal items out of your vehicle could reduce its weight and lead to further savings.

If you need to transport a vehicle from or to New York City proper, there are a number of highly-reviewed nationwide car transport companies that can accommodate vehicles of various sizes. Most auto transport in New York companies typically offers a variety of shipping options, including open-air and enclosed shipping. Open-air shipping is less expensive, but your car will be exposed to the elements during transport.

When choosing a car shipping company, it is important to compare prices and read reviews to find a reputable company with a good track record. You should also make sure that the company is licensed and insured.


As one of the world’s largest and most populous cities, New York attracts many people each year who are seeking to follow their dreams. Its towering skyscrapers and vibrant neighborhoods make the city attractive to individuals with big plans in business, art, fashion and other fields; some companies in NY provide this vital service by helping new residents move in with their car(s).

When selecting a car transport company, be sure to read customer reviews and ratings. Also consider seeking out Better Business Bureau ratings which show how well a company has resolved issues with past customers. When making your choice is sure it specializes exclusively with all necessary licenses and insurance coverage in place.

Cash-on-delivery ( services may also help lower costs by accepting this payment option. With COD, a small deposit must be paid when placing or dispatching the order online and then the balance when your driver delivers your vehicle – this method is preferred by both car transport companies and drivers as it reduces administrative costs quickly and allows drivers to quickly receive their paychecks.


Shipping your car can be a complex endeavor, so selecting an experienced auto transport company to manage this process is paramount to having an easy experience. A top rated company should offer exceptional customer service, comprehensive coverage and customs clearance assistance when handling international shipments; plus competitive pricing which enables you to save money with their New York service.

Before shipping your car, this article suggests that you remove any personal belongings as this reduces liability of transport companies for damages or loss to them. Keeping a full tank of gas reduces weight which saves on fuel.

A company’s price will also depend on how many vehicles it needs to ship. When shipping in large volumes, discounts may become possible and off-peak season shipping could save even more money on car transport services in New York.

Once a company has collected all the details about your shipment, they will give you an estimated quote. However, this quote should not be seen as definitive as many factors will come into play and ultimately determine your final price. To obtain the best prices for car shipping to New York from various companies and book as far in advance as possible – you may also save by booking during off-peak seasons and being flexible about pick-up and delivery dates.


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