Doodle Skill Hacks To Strengthen Your Mind And Emotions

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde

The renowned virtuoso, Pablo Picasso believed that the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

The technique of art has always been used to pour out one’s feelings. An expression can be in the form of dancing, painting, or even simply scribbling on a piece of paper. Immersing ourselves into art is oft-times contemplated as the best way of rejuvenating ourselves.

A psychologist and art therapist, Victoria Nazarevich has put forth some peculiar and offbeat ways to help people channel their thoughts and emotions via simple doodle hacks. You can also check out this Drawing for Beginners guide to start your creative journey.


Feel nostalgic?

HACK: Trace a maze.

trace a maze
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  • Feel the need to understand your wishes?
    HACK: Design a picture collage.
design picture collage
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  • Feel the need to understand your feelings?
    HACK: Depict those emotions.
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  • Feel infuriated?
    HACK: Tear a piece of paper.
    HOW: It acts as a symbolic release.
tear paper piece
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  • Feel depressed?
    HACK: Paint a rainbow.
paint rainbow
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  • Feel glued onto something?
    HACK: Sketch spirals.
    HOW: The flow acts as an inspiration, which helps you to keep moving on.
  • Feel the need to organise your thoughts?
    HACK: Plot cells or squares.
plot cells squares
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  • Feel angry?
    HACK: Draw lines.
    HOW: It will relax your mind.
draw lines
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  • Feel vexed?
    HACK: Practice the art of origami.
    HOW: Paper folding helps in solving problems.
art of origami
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  • Feel the need to make the right choice?
    HACK: Depict waves and circles.
  • Feel desperation or hopeless?
    HACK: Delineate roads.
    HOW: Roads act as symbolism for exits.
delinate roads
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  • Feel bewildered?
    HACK: Outline an Indian mandala.
indian mandala outline
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  • Feel bored?
    HACK: Stain different colours on a sheet of paper.
stain different colors
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  • Feel the need to focus on an objective?
    HACK: Plot grids and a target.
plot grids
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  • Feel lethargic?
    HACK: Sketch landscapes.
  • sketch landscapes
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    I’m sure these hacks will help sooth your mind!
    Remember, “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”

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