How To Start A New Exercise Regimen

Whether you’re a first-time fitness mom or are looking to get back to the gym after a long-time workout break, it can be difficult to find the motivation, time, and resources you need to make your goals a reality. While it won’t necessarily be easy, this guide to starting a new exercise regimen will help you get started and take the steps you need to focus on your fitness. 

How To Start A New Exercise Regimen

Before we jump into how to get started, here are a few things you’ll need to put this plan into action: 

  1. A goal-setting journal or fitness-tracking app like MyFitnessPal (to help you hold yourself accountable and track your progress)
  2. A gym membership or at-home fitness subscription like Daily Burn (having structure at first will be helpful to get into the swing of things, your workouts can become more independent as you make progress)
  3. Pain relief products like CBD cream for pain by CBDfx (you’re going to be sore, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve worked out, using something to numb the pain can help prevent you from getting deterred) 

Set Your Goals 

Set Your Goals
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First things first, you need to set goals that can help keep you motivated and focused throughout your fitness journey. The main thing to remember when setting goals for your new exercise regimen is to make sure they’re reasonably achievable. While you can have major long-term goals, try to track and recognize smaller achievements along the way.

For example, your main goal in going back to the gym may be to lose a certain amount of weight or prep for a certain event like a 5k. However, the progress it takes to get there too. So, while that final achievement may be your end goal, find other markers of success you can celebrate along the way. Examples of smaller goals can be running X number miles per day, building up endurance for a certain number of minutes, or losing a certain amount of weight per month. 

How to set and track your goals

Using a goal planner like Commit30 is great for those who are looking to get back into a fitness regimen because it offers structure, helps you set up goals and rewards, and provides motivational reminders, all in a convenient, easy-to-use planner format.

Create a Plan

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Now that you know what you want to achieve with your new exercise regimen, you need to figure out how you’re going to do it. In order to make your goals a reality, you need to figure out the what, when, and where of your exercise plan.


What type of exercise do you want to do? Are you going to focus on cardio, weight lifting, HIIT training, yoga, etc. Figuring out what type of exercise regimen you want is important so you can plan your workouts. Need some ideas? Check out our activities that are perfect for self-proclaimed lazy girls.


When will you exercise? This could be in the morning, after work, or during your lunch. Think about when you’re most likely to have the time and energy to workout. One thing to note is that doing a high-intensity workout right before bed can interfere with your sleep, so if possible do it earlier in the day. 


Are you going to work out at the gym, outdoors, or at home? Finding the right environment to work out depends on what type of exercise you plan to do and where you’re most comfortable. For many, heading to the gym right away can be intimidating, so maybe starting to exercise in your house and working up your strength and courage is an easier way for you to get the ball rolling. You could also try a specialty gym like Curves, that is designed to be less intimidating.

Starting Your New Exercise Regimen

Starting Your New Exercise Regimen
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You’ve laid the foundation, now it’s time for you to see it through. Use these tools to help keep you on track and committed to your new exercise regimen. And, don’t forget to make it fun. Creating an exercise regimen that you actually enjoy or can have some fun with is important to maintaining your motivation. Here are a few things you should do when starting to implement your new exercise routine: 

  • Try out different types of exercise (kickboxing, barre, and even dance are excellent workouts)
  • Create workout playlists with songs you love (up-tempo beats are great for keeping you moving)
  • Join a SWEAT challenge (or maybe even consider a buddy system or group workout)

It’s important to make a commitment to following your plan, but if you do miss a day of fall off the wagon, don’t be too hard on yourself. Implementing new habits takes time and a lot of effort, so you might have a few slip-ups along the way. The most important thing is to get back to it and keep working toward your goals. And remember, you can do anything you set your mind to!

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