Blood Curdling Lore Of The Black Eyed Children

Imagine you’re lounging at your place and in the middle of the night, out of nowhere, you hear a knock on the door. You assume someone needs your help, so you slide open the door. But what you now see is something that chills your spine! TWO LITTLE KIDS WITH UNALLOYED BLACK EYES. These are the Black-Eyed Children.

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The creepy urban legend of Black-Eyed Children is paranormal creatures who are seen hitchhiking, panhandling or even at doorsteps of residential homes. They are young people, usually children of about 6 to 16 years of age. Moreover, they have pale blue-ish skin and solid black eyes, hence the name. Their eyes show no differentiation between the sclera, pupil, and iris. Often, these black-eyed children are seen playing games and singing nursery songs near deserted areas. Furthermore, they appear to be confident as well as diffident and speak rhetorically far beyond their apparent age. Moreover, using mannerisms and speech patterns of an adult, they might even possess the voice of an adult. Usually, they stare toward the victim constantly and also convince them into allowing entry into their homes. Sometimes, they are thought to be heralds of hostility and personal doom.

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Usually, the ones who face them report that the children are supernatural and extremely dangerous. Some even feel that the angry and incessant children use some form of low-level mind control to get them to comply. Brian Bethel, a reporter in Texas, experienced the first alleged encounter with the black-eyed children. However, there exist zero reports of what happens when one abides by their demands.

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Horrifying experiences reported:

  1. A U.S. Marine had an unexpected and unnerving encounter with a pair of these black eyes entities. While in a barrack in North Carolina, he heard a knock at his door. On opening the door, he found two kids with pitch-black eyes. They wanted a roof to read as it was cold outside. But rather, he decided to shut and lock the door. Next morning as he talked to the officer on duty, he dismissed the poor Marine.
  2. A woman woke up to her dog barking at their door in the middle of the night. She got up to open the door to show her nothing was wrong. As the dog gave an angry and violent growl, the lady feared. She looked through the peephole to find two girls standing right in front of the door. The older one, who was mature and strong, spoke by asking to use the lady’s phone. Due to having a sceptic mind toward paranormal, she never believed in such stories. Even so, she was frightened by this encounter with Black-Eyed Kids. Scared, she decided not to answer. Soon, the little girl became more commanding and almost hostile. Since then, the woman hasn’t slept right.


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Surprisingly, tales of such dark visitors have been commonly portrayed in pop culture since the late 1990s. In 2012, a horror film called Black Eyed Kids was released.

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