• Health and Wellness

    What is Depression: The Signs, Symptoms and Solution

    These days a word is very common among youth and other generations too which is DEPRESSION. We all must have heard about this, but do we actually know what is it? Everyone defines it in their own way. Some think it’s a mental illness, some think it’s a disease and some of you may also think that nothing like depression exists.…

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  • Facts

    6 Tips On How to Take Better Care of Your Health

    Like it or not, your health is in your hands. While genetics and circumstance play a large role in how our bodies feel, taking good care of ourselves is still essential. What you do today will have big consequences tomorrow, and most of us could benefit from learning how to take proper steps to keep our energy high, our body…

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  • Fashion

    Could Acid-Proof Makeup Become A Reality? Acid attacks have a huge impact on people’s lives, both physically and mentally.  Statistics show that acid attacks have become extremely common these days. An estimated 60% of the attacks go unreported as victims fear reprisal.Resources are usually only available in urban areas, leading to under-reporting in rural areas.Acid attacks occur all over the world but this type of violence…

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  • Health and Wellnesspsychic surgery

    Psychic Surgery: Miracle Or Deception? The Truth Unraveled.

    “Psychic Surgery” is a form of healing. The healer performs the surgery on the conscious patient with bare hands. The doctor first opens the patient’s body and removes the diseased material followed by, the subsequent closing of the body leaving no scars or marks. History This practice was first introduced to the public in the year 1960. Because of the…

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  • Health and Wellnessmedical tests

    Medical Tests You Need To Get Done – At Every Age

    As our age progresses, the risk of catching diseases due to genetic or any other reason snaps in mind. Your doctor may ask you to get some medical tests done. This can either be to confirm a diagnosis or monitor your health. However, these tests should not be restricted to the doctor’s prescription. Here are some medical tests you should…

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