Bamboo Products as a replacement for Plastic Products in our lives

Our community is so used to utilizing plastic products now that it’s part of our regular life. It’s cheap, convenient, easily available and light. However, it’s also becoming clear that it’s really not the best choice of product for everyday usage, because of various health reasons and for it’s disrupting the human life cycle along with aquatic life cycle and other animals and plants species.One time use plastics are washing up on shores around the world.  Even worst, they are being found in the bellies, around the necks and in the noses of animals. Thus, harming the life cycle of aquatic animals. It has been proven that all plastic secretes estrogen imitators that are a precursor to cancers and other related health issues.

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Are We Dumping it Right?

Most nations also don’t know what to do with plastic waste products so it fills up landfills quickly and most of the toxic waste from plastics ends up polluting our lands and water sources like the ocean. It’s only a small percentage of plastic that gets recycled. The rest goes and slowly disintegrates and when rains come the smaller plastic pieces make their way into the ocean. Animals in the ocean ingest them resulting in fatal results and if we eat those animals, the toxins pass on to us as well. Unless you are living in a huge denial, now it can be concluded that plastics are generally harmful.

How Can We Stop Harming Mother Earth?

It’s time to take a step back and look for alternatives to these products, and bamboo is proving to be a solid answer.  Bamboo Products are an eco-friendly alternative to many everyday products. Bamboos are highly beneficial and healthy for maintaining a good and long lifestyle.

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We are in the world where we cannot think of our lives without plastic products. In our daily life, we are almost dependent on different forms of plastic and it is the matter of our thinking. However, if we just look out if the box and look at things from different perspective, we can win this shot of life with glory.

We all know that bamboo can be used for many applications, from a food source to a building material. But with the age of modern materials, many people don’t understand the scope of uses for bamboo. The shoots can be picked early for eating, and the wood of older canes can be treated and used as anything from decoration to instruments. A fabulous trend right now is bamboo fibers being used in fabrics and clothing. It is becoming a mainstream trend to have bamboo fabric boxes.

Basically, why should bamboos deserve this chance?

Bamboos are eco-friendly. They absorb carbon dioxide and release a major amount of oxygen into the atmosphere than any other tree. Moreover, let’s clear the myth, bamboo belongs to the grass family and is not a tree. It is naturally organic and does not require pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation to enhance growth.  Bamboo instead grows like a weed. It is antibacterial & hypoallergenic. Bamboo turns out to be a versatile crop. Not just this it can virtually replace all the wooden appliances. Not just straws but toothbrush to packaging. It’s not only eco-friendly but innovative and beautiful. It adds to the natural beautify, whether it’s home décor or gift items. It is equally economics as plastic and is the new Green Gold. Very precious and highly effective if used correct and proper manner.

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This green gold has a lot of potential, which can be utilized in future in  home flooring and potential building industry. Not just the industrial and material products but bamboo can be used for daily beauty and skin care products which are made of bamboo charcoal. Other excellent example is Bamboo Bicycle Project, which is beneficial for economic potential.  

Major Products In Use :

1. Toothbrushes

The ecological Bamboo Brushes is the new trend, while plastics never degrades. It is not a part of natural food chain. To use and dispose of plastic toothbrushes is a habit, that can not be sustained. The replacement to them is the bio-degradable bamboo brushes. They don’t disturb the natural cycle.

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2. Instruments

There are a variety of Bamboo flutes made all over the world. From dize to jinghu. bamboo’s natural hollow form makes it suitable for many instruments, especially flutes. It is also used for making slit drums. It has been recently used for making guitars and ukuleles. Though the products are costly but it’s worth saving nature.

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3. Food Packaging

Through innovation and a new approach, bamboo is used in numerous field. Bamboo with Cassava is used in making packaging products. The benefits from the excellent property are resistance to water and temperature. Apart from this, it is microwavable since it can withstand heat. Furthermore, it has less thickness and lightweight.

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4. Home-Decor

Bamboo has been used in a range of home decor products. From ladder to the vase, and too comfortable chairs. Patience is required to perfect the home-decor with these beautiful products. On the other hand, there are various show pieces and elegant dining table napkin settings. From big to small, ever plastic stuff can be replaced in a home with Bamboo.

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5. Fabric Material

Bamboo fabrics feel softer than the softest cotton. They have a natural luster similar to that of cashmere. They are easy to care for at home. Above all, proponents say that they have natural antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and deodorizing properties. They’re a prime choice for bath towels, washcloths, and bathmats.

6. Beauty Products

Bamboo is widely used in making make-up blenders along with various beauty products like Bamboo Powder. The powder is rich in essential minerals and silica which helps to soften and radiate skin. Apart from, the blenders and blushers are made of bamboo stalk instead of plastic which is likely to less durable and harmful. A lot of other beauty products company have opted for bamboo while it is still new. Instead of plastic bodies in lipsticks and glosses, they prefer to use bamboo stalk.

7. Bamboo Bicycle Project

The Bamboo Bicycle Project was started by two scientist David Ho and John Mutter. The project’s aim is to help local investors start factories that make low cost, high quality, locally produced bamboo bikes to be widely distributed in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project was started basically with an aim of stimulating a bicycle building industry in Africa and help the rural people there. Not just the conversation of the environment, but the project helps a lot of jobless people to find employment.

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Now, it is our time to take a step towards bamboo in, plastic out mission. A small step at a time can help a lot. Just by exchanging your toothbrushes with the new bamboo toothbrushes while carrying refilling water bottles and changing other home products, we can bring a small change in the world. A small change is always the beginning of a new revolution.

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