Mysterious Underwater City in Qiandao Lake Of China

Facts About Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake in China sure gives an aesthetically pleasing look to a naked eye. Though, one cannot envision what lies beneath the surface of this beautiful lake. Qiandao Lake is situated in Zhejiang province located in Chun’an County, 400 km south of Shanghai. The lake is spread over 573 km² under which the island part covers the area of 83 km². There are 1078 large islands dotting the lake along with the hundreds of smaller ones. Also, it is one of the reasons why Qiandao lake is known as ‘Thousand Island Lake’.

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An Enigmatic City

Qiandao lake covers an entire city, known as the lion city or Shi-cheng city. The city was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty, around 1300 years ago. Shi-cheng is the size of about 62 football grounds. It was once the hub for politics and economics and held massive reputation in the eastern province of Zhejiang. Being away from the sun and the wind, it has stayed intact and unnoticed for over 53 years now until recently.

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Lion city lies 131 feet underneath the surface of the lake. Lion city was sunken purposely in 1959 to create a ‘Hydroelectric power plant’. The archaeologists have also said that the city is an underwater ‘time capsule’.

 Tourist Attraction

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An artificial lake was shaped when the city was flooded in 1959. For 53 years, the city remained forgotten and now it is a bliss for divers. Also, the city has paved roads, arches, huge lion statues, temples and wooden artwork along with the intricate carvings on the buildings. All of that stuff hidden underwater makes it even more alluring. Bordered by mountains, the lake is indeed a sight worth visiting. The lake is catching the eyes of tourists from all over the world now more than ever.

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