10 Extra Spicy Creepypasta Stories

Let’s face it! We live in strange times where anything can happen, talk about those people who consider themselves extra courageous and brave, who participate in strange games and try to test the creepy theories. If you are one of those people, please be my guest because I’m your host and I am about to tell you some creepypasta stories you can read and theories and games you can try! But I think it’s best that you don’t and even if you do, do it at your own risk!

10 Extra Spicy Creepypasta Stories

1. The Elevator to the Other World

The Elevator Game is a game that will bring you to another world. This game originated in Japan and South Korea. The “Elevator Game” will supposedly grant you access to a different dimension, making bad things likely to happen if played incorrectly. In fact, some people believe this game is responsible for some mysterious disappearances – including that of a young woman named Elisa Lam.

2. Never google yourself at 3 AM

To admit the fact that we all google ourselves will be the most painful fact to admit. But even if you do google yourself, as per this creepypasta tale, there are right and wrong timings to do that. If you google yourself at 3 am the results will be creepy, scary and weird. Amongst all the 3 am challenges this one caught my eye because when I tried this theory I felt the air around me getting heavy, the search results were weird and annoying. A true story based on this theory is in the link.

3. The Closet Game

This game is popularly known to summon demons. My advice is not to play it. But if you are feeling exceptionally lucky and brave, here are creepypasta’s instructions on how to play it:

1. You can play this game alone or with a friend, the maximum number of players is two. To start this game you have to have a matchbox with plenty of matchsticks inside it.

2. Dim the room and enter the closest. Stay there for at least 2-

3. Get out of the closet, light a matchstick out while reciting the words “Show me the light or leave me in darkness”

4. If you feel or hear anything unusual light another matchstick as soon as you can. Do not move or respond to anything just light the matchstick, it will end the game.

4. Tsuji-Ura: The fortune game

Crossroads are seen as places where two worlds collide with each other. Ancient, and popular. Nothing more than a bit of fun in Europe, it is known as crossroads divination but in its native Japan, it is known as Tsuji-ura. This game has fewer risks as there are no ill-wishers here but since this game is played in the dark crossroads, be careful of criminals and murders. Here’s how to play, as noted from creepypasta.

1. You’ll need a comb and a scarf

2. Go to the crossroad after its dark and rub the teeth of your comb with your fingers

3. After rubbing the teeth of your comb with your fingers chant “Tsuji-Ura Tsuji-Ura grant me a true response” three times

4. A stranger may appear from nowhere. You should cover your face with the scarf as soon as you see them and (Politely) ask them for your fortune/future. If they don’t respond let them go and continue the process again and again. If a known person shows up, consider the game is failed.

5. The Dybbuk box(es)

In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk from the Hebrew verb meaning “adhere” or “cling” is a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. It purportedly leaves the host body once it’s accomplished its goal, sometimes after being helped. The term first appears in a number of 16th-century writings, though it was ignored by mainstream scholarship until S. Ansky’s play “Dybbuk”. These boxes mostly contained demons and very few of them contain ghosts or spirits. To know a true story related to a dybbuk box, click on the link.

4. Charlie Charlie

On twenty-nine April 2015, an alarmist tabloid television newscast about a game being played in Hato Mayor Province of the Dominican Republic was uploaded to YouTube, and the unintentional humor in the report led to a game called “Charlie Charlie” trending on Twitter, crossing the language barrier to be played around the world. In May 2015, The Racket Report, a parody website that describes itself as “not intended to communicate any true or factual information,” posted a hoax article claiming that 500 puzzling deaths had resulted from participating in Charlie Charlie Challenge.

The game was banned by the Fijian Ministry of Education, and three Fijian teachers in Tavua were questioned over allegations that they forced their students to play it, before being cleared of all charges. In May 2015, four teenage girls were sent to a hospital in Tunja and quickly released with a diagnosis of mass hysteria. It didn’t take long for Christian fearmongers to warn against calling on the “villainous spirit world.” Pat Robertson denounced the Charlie Charlie challenge as hellish.

Several exorcists promoted the idea that the game caused spirit possession. Various media outlets described participants in the games as “gullible.” In April 2017, the East Libyan government banned the game, blaming it for 6 suicides, To play this game, you have to:

1. Make a setup like in the picture given below

2. Then say out loud “Charlie O Charlie Are You Here?” if the pencil moves to “Yes” Ask his permission if you can begin the game like ” Charlie O Charlie can we play?” start only if he says “Yes” and ask only “yes or no” questions.

3. If you wish to end the game, Ask his permission again. Stop the game only if the pencil points out yes.

5. Smile Dog

This creepypasta is related to an image posted on an old bulletin board system back in 1992 called smile.jpg. Those who saw the image either disappeared or died, save for one Mary E., who the narrator goes to interview. What he eventually learns is that some things, even simple pictures, are better left as mysteries than dealing with the horrifying truth narrated on creepypasta.

6. Robert the doll

The myths surrounding Robert the Doll vary, especially since it became so popular on the internet. The doll was given to artist Robert Eugene Otto within the late 1800s or early 1900s by a servant working in his family home which was named after himself, it took a life of its own and began to terrorize the family. Otto is claimed to have kept his doll into adulthood and it subsequently tormented his late better half to psychopathy.

When the doll was found by another family, the woman to whom it was given was petrified of it and refused to have it in her space. The doll is presently residing within the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Visitors should ask Robert courteously if they want to click his picture. If they mock him or take his photo without permission, Robert is said to lay a curse on them. The entire story of Robert the doll is on creepypasta.

7. The Russian Sleep Experiment

Shortly after World War II, 5 political prisoners are subjected to an experiment during which they have to stay awake for thirty days in a tank full of an experimental gas. As with most “science-gone-wrong” stories, the subjects begin to lose their minds among a number of other horrifying symptoms. The horror doesn’t finish when the experimenters attempt to save their subjects far away from it.

Just know that this particular story on creepypasta might not be appropriate if you can’t tolerate gore, as the narrative goes into minute details about the physical state of the subjects.

8. NoEnd House

NoEnd House promises $500 to whoever can survive a trip through the nine rooms of torture, a challenge that David the narrator readily accepts. The rooms begin to grow more and more sinister and evil, pushing the limits of David’s psyche and humanity. The nine rooms are so evil it’ll take you as a sane person and leave you to be a maniac for the rest of your life.

9. Gateway of the mind

Ever wondered what would happen if all five senses from your body were removed? Well, this story is here to put that theory to the test in what is honestly the foremost terrifying science experiment. The story is around a bunch of scientists who want to create contact with God, and they believe that this could be possible by removing the body of all five senses. After performing advanced sensory surgery on a subject, the poor person is confused and doesn’t know where to go or what to do and also begins to hallucinate and “hear” dead people.

The terrifying details involving the pure mental torture the subject goes through can absolutely creep anyone out.

10. Psychosis

If dolls and demonic boxes don’t make you twitch, perhaps the horror of not knowing what’s real and what’s imagined will keep you up at night. This creepypasta follows John, whose only communication along with his friends is through his mobile phone and e-mail. It doesn’t take long for John’s paranoia to amp up to the point where he’s afraid to leave his house, he’s then certain something is waiting for him in the outer world, he’s also convinced he’s running out of time.

One of the longer reads (out of this list), Psychosis is best enjoyed in the dark, with a circle of friends, and the sound of your own fear.

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